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Ready to install and wiring knowledge is Low

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  • Ready to install and wiring knowledge is Low

    Well I have been searching and reading to figure out how to install this car pc and frankly I am at a point where my lack of wiring knowledge is holding me up.

    I have a ATX board with a P4
    1 800 watt amp for the subs
    1 500 watt amp for the door speakers
    1 4 port usb hub
    1 Audigy 2NX
    1 Xenarc 7" touch screen.

    Everything works great but now I have to power the thing I guess even after reading tons of posts I just don't get it. Could someone help me out with a wiring set up?

    I want the system to com on when the ignition is switched on, but I would like to delay the amp start up as I want no thump. I also want to power my Audigy 2 nx and USB hub. Again when the car goes off these need to shut down.
    Micro ATX
    P4 2.8 ghz
    200 watt power supply
    ATI 9800 pro
    Haupauge 250 tv and radio tuner
    250 gig hard drive
    1 gig ram
    Alpine 4 channel amp
    Kicker 2 channel amp
    400 watt inverter
    2 10' Kicker subs
    Windows Media Center Front End
    Iguidance GPS

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    Look in here in the hardware development forum - they have basic de-bumping circuits in there but its more wiring im afraid