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  • "Noob Guide to" or "Search is your friend"

    This is my start on another noob guide. I hope this is received well.
    I felt the amount of noob bashing and the proportional amount of questions garnering a bashing warranted a post...
    This a forum, a support group. Let's help each other...

    Noobs Guide to
    (inspired by new user guide)

    What is is a forum where enthusiasts and tinkers, and electricians, and coders, and graphic artists and various other forms of internet life mingle together to discuss ideas, glean information, and poke fun at one another about subjects related to the concept of car computers.

    Some things that will help you in your search for the bliss that is computers running in cars include the following:
    Search more,
    Search even more….
    Despite what you may think, the subject has probably been covered before.
    The best thing to do is search for specific terms that apply to your question.
    i.e. I wonder if my 3.5 inch Hard drive will work in my car….
    3.5” HDD will result in an enormous amount of results.
    In fact, there will be more information than you would think. Not only will a 3.5” Hard drive work, some people say it works better. While looking through the various posts there are references to:
    1. The perfect case(ikea)
    2. Hard drive not detected
    3. Scion TC media….
    4. hdd power consumption

    If you think this doesn’t begin to answer your question, you may want to go back to square one and determine if this is really what you want to do.

    for example:
    The "perfect case" thread is a discussion about a metal box that works pretty good for holding a carputer, it even holds a 2.5” disk drive…. Oh wait you wanted 3.5…I guess you will know not use the ikea case…..that’s okay, I had a problem with it myself….

    The "Hard Drive not detected"….. a thread about why this stinking *&$ing HDD won’t show up….there is some info here, read it.. it will apply to you at some point, trust me.

    The "Scion TC media" thread…..look a finished project, or a project in the process of design… I might get some good pointers out of here….you will, trust me, almost every thread except the “Boris needs to change his Avatar” thread will be helpful…..just saying.

    The "HDD power consumption" thread….hrmmm, well, uh, oh……I see. The power supply I use will determine how much crap I can get to run in my car computer….I should probably make a mental note of this….

    In summary of the search feature, I want to know if I can use a 3.5” HDD, yes…
    will it work for me, is the greater question….

    Since I’m not using the Ikea perfect case, I may be okay….
    The Hard drive takes up X amount of power that leaves Y-X amount of power left to run my USB keyboard, the USB drive, the GPS, the XM radio, the DVD player, the Motherboard, 1 stick of RAM….Maybe I should use a 90Watt instead of the 60 watt I was going to use….Man, I learned a lot from searching 3.5” HDD.

    Which is better, Product X or Product Y
    Please see the previous section, Search is your friend.

    Meets are the places we get to see our projects in action. If you don’t have a car computer running, Its okay. Its all about getting together and seeing what everyone else has done. Besides, the initiation isn’t painful…….just kidding. Oh wait, there aren't any meets in my area...organize one.

    Finished projects
    Finished projects are great resource for ideas. Furthermore, it is a great place to ask questions like, “how did you mount the USB hub?” and things like that.

    If you really want to ask a question after searching...
    Make sure you ask nicely.
    Don't tell us you don't have time to search...
    Explain what you are trying to do.
    I have an EPIA M10000 w/512 RAM...When I boot, I get an error that says....
    works better than...
    Why won't my computer work?
    If people bash you for asking a question, ignore it. Wait for the nice people.

    Acronymsin alphabetical order...
    5.1/7.1 = Different verions/levels of Surround Sound
    BIOS = Basic Input/Output System A link about BIOS
    DIY = Do it yourself
    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
    FP = FrodoPlayer
    LVDS = Low VoltageDifferential Signaling...or read this
    M10k = Epia M10000 Motherboard
    MB = MotherBoard
    MC = Mediacar
    OBD = On board Diagnostics(often confused for ODB which is Ole Dirty Bastard who has nothing to do with carcomputers)
    OPUS 90W/150W = OPus 90Watt or Opus 150Watt
    PS = Power Supply
    RR = Road Runner
    RTFM = Read the F**king manual
    YMMV = Your mileage may vary
    0|33| = we all wonder this at times....Boris seems to be the closest.

    Some Helpful Links
    HOWTO: Get sound from PC to car stereo
    HDD Mounting
    XM on carputer, THE GUIDE
    OPUS 90 W Questions
    Other Power related links
    Surround Sound(5.1)
    Noob - How to get into BIOS
    Grounding Things
    Displays - Evrything we know and believe about Lilliput, Xenarc, and LinITX/mm400/Tview
    Other Links These are manufacturers sites, they have a load of information that may or may not pertain to your project. Generally, will have more detailed information and specifics to guide you along.
    Opus Solutions(Power, cases, complete systems)
    Carnetix (power, cases, complete systems)
    Via Embedded (Motherboard stuff)
    Xenarc (displays)
    Lilliput (displays)
    Mini-ITX site

    Does not cause taste loss, unless you play with your tongue....
    (to be continued)
    EPIA M10000, 512 Ram, Opus 90, GPS, XM, 7" Xenarc, Pioneer HU
    Installed & Working....
    Custom enclosures
    Newbie Guide

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    ok, but you need to add the acronyms section and whatever common lingo is used, because we don't all know what RTFM means
    my setup - finally


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      Typically noob bashing is done be egotistical assholes who dont know **** about car computers, anyone who truely knows carpc's knows that designing a system with the components we have available to this date is pretty diffacult. Ask all the questions you want, even if you think thier "dumb" there is no dumb questions, just dumb poeple trying to anwser those questions.
      Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
      Via EPIA MII
      512MB RAM
      OEM GPS (embedded)
      nLite WinXP pro on
      1GB Extreme III CF card
      Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
      Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net


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        If people would just learn these three thing : , and . That would cut the number of posts in half, just the 2 cents of a noob.
        Install { 50% } Complete for now.
        But stable and running happily


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          Yay... I was mentioned... and so way my avatar
          PowerVoice v1 | NaviVoice Source
          GammaControl v2.4
          SKINbedder v3

          1995 Lexus SC300


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            Originally posted by IntellaWorks
            Ask all the questions you want, even if you think thier "dumb" there is no dumb questions, just dumb poeple trying to anwser those questions.
            can you get taste loss from a foosball table? sorry couldn't resist
            my setup - finally


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              See here's a good example of a bash.

              SVT RANGER: I see you are on here just to flaunt your knowledge of how to use icons. I applaud you for opening your mouth and removing all doubt you are a fool. The fact you bought a ranger suggested it but thanks for confirming my assumption. DICK!!!

              Now did i need to do tha...NO. But it felt good to bash someone who keeps using those same stupid ******* icons. Now seaching is a good way to find info. I havent once found anything ive wanted in a search. But i have found lots of other off topic things that were very helpful. Now i propose that this site has a member rated LINKS page sorted by the same categories as the forums. That would be a great way to keep a lot of repetitive posts out of the forums. ITs not gonna help to just keep telling each newbie to seach, search, and search some more.

              I personally havent started installing my carPC yet. I have lots of ideas as to how i want to incorporate everything and install it. So i look for actual in-use information.

              AND to those of you who keep posting the "you need to seach icons" i invite you to ******* BLOW ME. Im sure it takes just as much time to post a link to a helpfull site as it does to post those icons.

              And to those of you who are very experienced and still take the time to help those of us who are new to this i want to thank you. As im sure all the newbies here would like to do. If i could send you each a pet moneky i would. thanks this is a kick *** site.


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                lol, i've been searching the old fashioned way. Going through the threads and seeing whats being said.
                When I have asked some questions, i've had some good people answer.
                That being said, I just discovered the search option on the top of the page, lol.
                Blind Willy
                Network Janitor for the visually challenged
                '94 Ford Ranger
                1% complete. (I'm still planning it out)


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                  If i could send you each a pet moneky i would. thanks this is a kick *** site.
                  Yes, it is a kickass site.... I want a monkey!

                  Added Links
                  Added Forum Links
                  Updated Acronyms
                  EPIA M10000, 512 Ram, Opus 90, GPS, XM, 7" Xenarc, Pioneer HU
                  Installed & Working....
                  Custom enclosures
                  Newbie Guide


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                    Added LVDS and a link to description of LVDS
                    EPIA M10000, 512 Ram, Opus 90, GPS, XM, 7" Xenarc, Pioneer HU
                    Installed & Working....
                    Custom enclosures
                    Newbie Guide


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                      Joshthepilot: I think you have a good idea going there. I have found a few threads i would like to be stickies which are not though. And its a pain in the *** to try and find them again. Sure i should have bookmarked them like a smart user but its sometimes hard to think of that stuff at 4 am.

                      I think the search should be left there so cuz i like that feature. But we also need to have more things covered in stickies as well. And put a disclaimer at the top of the forum in big *** letters telling newbies to check stickies first or be prepared to get verbally bashed. I mean i dont mind getting bashed if i ask a dumb *** question. Hell if i deserve it let me have it.

                      Oh i almost forgot. Havent found a reliable source for importing monkeys yet...LOL


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                        sansoo24: Sorry I offended you. And as you can see, I am a newbie too. I have just pretty much finished my first carputer, but have been working on computers and doing stero installs for a long time. And I am gearing up to to do a major install in a buddy's truck. I was not attempting to be a smart ***, I was simply trying to point out the fact that some newbie's don't search. And I know that searching sometime doesn't help, but atleast every 2 or 3 days someone asks a simple inverter question or dc-dc power supply question. Granted if you search for them you will end up with a ton of posts, but if they took the time to read just 2 or 3 of them I am sure there question would be answered. I do agree with you on the stickies, they have actually answered most of my questions. As for the bash on the Ranger, well, I can't do anything for your lack of taste, so far mine is the only one I have seen with my color/options. But it does leave me with one question for you, Ford Ranger #1 selling Compact Truck for how long?
                        Install { 50% } Complete for now.
                        But stable and running happily


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                          Sorry SVT i just had a bad day with those damn search icons and took it out on you. If your ranger is an SVT than i really cant bash it. But i have known a lot of people with low end 4 cyl. rangers that dont last. Im personally a Tacoma man myself. Ive had one run for a 140,000 miles with no problems what so ever.

                          And i know just cuz it says newbie by your screen name it doesnt mean you dont have any experience. Ive done lots of audio installs too, but im still planning my Carputer. And once again im sorry for the bash it was uncalled for i know. But i am a sarcastic bastard at heart and i must do what comes natural...LOL.

                          If you get time post some pics of your install when its done. Being that we both have compact trucks id like to see how you did yours.


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                            My Ranger is almost at 155K miles and running like a champ.
                            I AM the noob here, doing my part to search before I speak, lol.
                            I'd love to see the pics also, as I need some installation ideas.
                            (and yes, my main questions I'm researching are the power ones)
                            Blind Willy
                            Network Janitor for the visually challenged
                            '94 Ford Ranger
                            1% complete. (I'm still planning it out)


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                              Another tip is to use descriptive topics. I know I'm guilty of not doing this sometimes too, but you'll get more responses if people know exactly what you're asking or close to it by the topic.

                              As for the sticky or search idea. I'm not huge fan of a bunch of stickies because it clutters the forums and pushes new topics further down. The search does work decently. I say do both for newbs with questions. Read the stickies and search. If you can narrow your question to a specific forum you can scroll through previous posts.

                              Overall this place kicks *** (arse for your overseas brethren).