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not sure about old school vet

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  • not sure about old school vet

    I got a 1968 Vette .. just rebuilt engine, etc, but it is a carburated car. Which means sometimes I have to crank if over a few times to get it rumbling .. would there be a problem with the carpc. I intend on using the Opus PS ...



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    You gotta be f'n kidding me! A car PC is a beautiful thing, but a 1968 'Vette?!?!?! Why mess up a classic?


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      if the install is done in a non ghetto fashinon, i think it woudl be a great adddition.


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        Well, okay, if it could be done well, then, I'll concede, it would be a good addition. I'm not sure how much dash space is available in an old Corvette like that...


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          original 427 engine was swapped out by 2 owners ago. We just got this in may. It's got sparkle green paint, with 2 black stripes ... custom hood, 454 BB engine with many engine mods / chrome (mechanic said it should be pushing around 500 hp at the engine when he is done with it ... getting it reinstalled next week).

          Since it is already not an "original car", I don't modifying it. I will be taking out the old school tape player, lol! to put in the lcd (most likely using my friends liliput which hides int he dash and pull it out when you want to use it).

          There are only 2 speakers behind the seats in a hidden compartment, which is where the battery is now. I will replace those with newer speakers, amp, and put the box some where in the back storage (it's a convertible).

          If weather permits this weekend, I will be rolling out the car to take pics of how it is now, and the setup I want to do.

          Also, the interior isn't perfect, so this could spruce it up a bit =]