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hello all, newbie here who needs some guidance

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  • hello all, newbie here who needs some guidance

    hey guys,
    first off i just wanna say these are some awesome boards and i kno ill be on here alot for the next year or so lol

    everyone i have talked to about this whole carputer idea thinks its crazy and im crazy but i dont care, i find this modding/ do it urself stuff awesome and thats why i came here..

    neways i HAVE read alot of the forum newbie topics and i have a basic idea of what i want to do with my car and whats involved with this project.

    i have a 99 jetta vw IV, and i started thinkign about this idea for a "carputer" a few days ago and just happen to come across these forums.

    here are my plans but i need u guys' help on some of the details:

    i plan to run an older computer (that can run music and video )(not a via epia) from an inverter (apparently there is a better power option?) connected to battery, then that computer run it to a maybe 7 or 8 inch VGA monitor.

    what im not sure about is if i should use the computer as a total replacement for the stock radio and use that space for the monitor. this way i could run my all door speakers from an amp connected to the sound card on the computer.

    from there i would prob strip an old laptop keyboard to use for typing and mouse use, but im sure ill think of something then - ideas for that would be good too

    ne input or ideas or nething would be much appreciated, like i said im just trying to get some of the details straight about the components i need and all the visual modding and stuff like that i can take care of on my own.

    thanks alot everyone

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    Its up to you, i'm doing 5.1 surround directly from my comp to an amp other people are doing
    I had a perfect quote to go here,
    but hell only knows what I did with it....


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      yea i think im gonna go with the 5.1 sound directly to 2 seperate amps

      one for sub and other for door speakers.

      but does neone have ne help about the power supply/ monitor details?
      no matter how much i read about it, i cant seem to find out what i really need to buy.
      (especially for the monitor part)

      thanks again everyone


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        The most popular choices are Lilliput or Xenarc for monitors. The Xenarc is more expensive but seems to be a bit brighter and seem a bit better built. However, there are MANY people using Lilliput successfully with no problems at all.

        Power depends on what you're running. What kind of computer it is? If you need more than 150watts or so, you are moving into inverter territory. To find out how much power your system may consume, try doing a search on "Power Calculators".
        Originally posted by ghettocruzer
        I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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