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  • major problem

    Ok today since it was nice i decided to see if i could get the motherboard working. i hooked up the M1-ATX according to the directions and connected it to the battery to test it. The motherboard fan started to spin but it also started to smoke and burn at the squared location. wtf did i do wrong?

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    how did you connect it to the battery? we need more info...
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      does this help any better?


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        I hat it when the magic smoke escapes.
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          Originally posted by devilinacelica
          does this help any better?

          Erm did you test the mobo on a normal ATX PSU??

          Can you tes the M1 on another baord that you have spare and wouldnt be gutted if you blew it? Or jsut send it back as your wirign seems good to me!

          Could be the mobo or the M1. Send both back!

          what did you have the mobo resting on? anything that could short it?


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            Smoke bad. Send back.
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              any other opinions?


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                Originally posted by devilinacelica
                any other opinions?
                If you've smoked a component ont eh motherboard, then something's fried.
                Unless you can get hold of that same chip and program it the same way (assuming it needs proramming and you have the equipment necessary to pull it off) and are deft enough to desolder it from the board and then solder the new one in....
                I'm not that good.
                Send it back and get it replaced under warranty.
                Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                How about the Wiki?

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                  DarquePervert - who did you **** off to have the statement 'Turns out I don't love goat bunghole near as much as my previous title indicated.' put under your handle?

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                    You post whores! I told him to send it back 5 posts a go!


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                      Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
                      You post whores! I told him to send it back 5 posts a go!
                      And send it back i will
                      thanks guys


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                        Originally posted by Enforcer
                        Just reinforcing your diagnosis and treatment plan Doc.
                        yeah yeah, move aside graciously old man. Dr Scouse 'Super Pimp' is in town!

                        just thought i would add..make sure you tell the mobo place you hooked it up to a certified ATX psu and you followed their instructions and took every precaution

                        EDIT: i will be a Dr in about 3 yrs!


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                          should i return it to the place i bought it or back to the makers of the board.