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why xenarc and lilliput?

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  • why xenarc and lilliput?

    why is everyone here only talking about xenarc and lilliput screens? why not other brand touch screens? is there some special feature in xenarc and lilli's that other brands dont carry? is it because xenarcs and lilli's can be dismantled easily and component parts can be ordered if u mess up?

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    It just seems that way. There are others, like Lin-ITX. But the Lilli's are by far most popular for their size/cost with Xenarcs a close second but more expensive.

    What I haven't really seen is anyone come up with a screen that is cheaper than the Lilliput but matches the quality. There are endless posts by people who find screens for $125 on Ebay but they almost universally turn out to be video, not VGA screens.

    One piece of advice - the screen is what you look at every single day. Get a decent one.
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      every screen i find other than the xenarc or liliput is either:
      less than 400nit brightness
      does not come wiht touchscreen pre-installed
      is not VGA capable

      of course some people buy these screens, however im kinda picky.


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        Like its already been mentioned, if your looking for a cheaper sol'n, then u'll be hard presed to get the equivilent quality. For the 280Nitts after touchscreen, for sunlight readability, there really is no comprise left to make unles you don't want to see anything during day light. Though, there are different sol'n out there using PSones and LinITX.


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          There is another option that I just found recently, it is the t-view t-700TS. Its brighter then the lilliput, although the casing is bigger. When you take it apart though, its not as clean looking. I paid 190 a piece when I bought two of them from a local store, so I assume they can be bought cheaper online. They had them for sale on ebay for 199 awhile back.
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