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CD vs Ipod on an Aux In

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  • CD vs Ipod on an Aux In

    I was reading in the Car Audio forum that PC's offer much better SQ than Headunits playing CD's do. My question, is if I have an Ipod plugged into an Aux In port on my HU, would the sound quality be able to play better than 128k bits/second? I have a good deal of music at 320k Bits, if I were to put that on my ipod and then play it through my HU (on the Aux in) would it play better than an typical CD? (I have yet to recieve my headunit, comming tomorrow) I was wondering in advance... thanks.
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    I would think that would depend on the source of the music you encoded. Encoding music that is 128kb at 320kb wouldn't make it "better", but if you had a higher quality input than 128kb, then it would make a difference.
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