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ok, got a handful of inspiration

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  • ok, got a handful of inspiration

    i was having terrible noise through my audio test run carputer setup, i thought it was hopeless (i went the way of the inverter). but after a bit of searching the forums, i found that a $17 radio shack ground loop isolator would do the trick. it sure did!

    my car pc works fine, survives crank too!

    now, for the next steps..

    what do you guys use to break into the firewall? any sort of fancy drill bit? i have a dremel tool with a metal cutting bit- it was useless when i tried using it to make a hole in my trunk floor to use for a grounding point. the tip got more and more glowing red, the harder i pressed. but barely made a dimple in the steel. im thinking the dremel is too fast, mines a cheaper one without speed settings, it only knows one speed- super fast.

    aslo- i was wondering- i dont have a 12 volt car adapter for my 7" lilliput TS, can i somehow make one? it would be inefficient to use the AC adapter. i know cell phone cig lighter adapters are real skimpy, never took one apart, but i imagine theres not much to it. maybe some sort of resistor to limit the amps going through? i dont know much about electricity, but i know i can fry my screen if i dont know what im doing!

    (edit) can i BUY a 12 volt car adapter anywhere?

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    just learned that i could power the lilliput from my pc power supply. nice!

    solves that


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      all you need is a metal drill bit (rhe right size for the application) and a decent electric drill. it dont have to be cordless but that does come handy when you are far from outlet. also when you are doing your ground in the trunk, use your dremel and grind the paint off around the hole so its more conductive.