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  • New guy with a couple questions

    Hey everyone, new here, just wanted to get some ideas/suggestions/etc. about my two newest projects. The easiest, i am converting my old chrysler cirrus, which i've given to my younger brother, into a show/sound car for him, and i was wondering about the viability of lambo-ing all four doors, making the back ones swing backward, like suicide lambo doors. Just not sure how well that would work.

    My personal project is a bit more expensive. I'm am planing on building my own car. Basically from scratch. Well, not exactly, i'm going to use a pre-existing chassis/powerplant and probably drivetrain, but it will be moved to a mid-engine position. I need some suggestions on a good chassis/engine to start with. Also, is it worth it to double-laminate a fiberglass body in a layer or so of carbon-fiber? Because honestly, who can afford enough carbon fiber for a whole shell. But I could get enough to maybe put one or two layers on the inside and outside, and I'm not positive of how much stronger it would be. Keep in mind that this is going to be built primarilly for speed, and chances are I'll never actually get around to it, but it's something I'm considering.

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    Umm, last I checked this was a CarPC forum!?!


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      Hmmm ... maybe the title of the Forum needs to be more obvious. he he he ... mp3car was always obvious to me ...


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        well, you need a car to put a carpc in, and i figured while I was saying hi, to put out a q about carbonfiber/fiberglass, because i noticed a lot of people knew what they were doing here, if I posted in the wrong thread, then feel free to move/ignore my post.