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Questions on powering the computer

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  • Questions on powering the computer

    Ok so I have all of my components for my carputer now, but I have a few questions first and note I did search but couldn't find everything I was looking for.

    The first thing, How do I hook up the power supply? I have an OPUS 90watt PS. I actually know how to do it, but what I am really asking is do I connect the positive directly to the battery positive terminal or should I place a fuse right after it connects to the terminal? If so, how many amps should the fuse be rated for this 90watt PS? What is the recommended wire guage I use to connect the PS?

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
    2004 Mazda3s

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    if you wire anything directly to the battery, there must be a fuse, close to the battery. for 90W PS, I would use 10A or 15A fuse... 14 gauge wire probably enough.


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      90W = 12V x ??A

      90W/12V = 7.5A

      Stick a 10 amp in, should be ok, for wire, nothing less than 11 gauge for power handling (like, 11 or a smaller number... smaller numbers = thicker = more amps)