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Loading software, no CD or DVD Drive?

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  • Loading software, no CD or DVD Drive?

    I know this is a noob questions, but thats why I'm asking it here, but how do you guys load apps onto your systems without having a CD/DVD Drive? Do you just use Memory sticks, jump drives, etc? I'm debating because I thinking of getting GPS and I know it will have some kind of cd/dvd to install and not sure if I really want to try to put it on a jump drive and then install it that way.

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    Wireless LAN...


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      Put a CD/DVD drive on the CarPC temporarily whilst you install the software from a normal pc.


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        wouldn't you want to have one on it anyway? I intend to... *shrugs*


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          I don't on mine - no need, I transfer any new mp3s via CAT5 or Wireless and any quick software updates through a USB stick.


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            Thanks everyone for the quick response. I guess the only times taking part would be in the beginning when you loading all of the software on for the first time, and after that it should only be small adjustments.


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              yeah i have ditched the DVD idea for now. £50 + firewire/usb2 adapter not worth it for now! I am building a carPC cos i couldnt be arsed buying a CD headunit as i can't stand changing CD

              might put one in the boot for those times when you buy a new CD and jsut have to play it.


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                I was just thinking it would be easier to have a cd/dvd player so I don't have to take the time to put my DVDs on to the HD, as well as my other CDs. Maybe, I'll just put it off for now, but in the design see where I would put it if I did get one so I could just add in it quickly.

                Anyone have any problems installing programs from a jump drive or other HDs?

                I'm most worried about the Navigation software.


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                  All my GPS Maps are on the hdd - they only take up 150Meg so no space issues there.

                  I have no problems using USB Hardware to update my CarPC ... I actually find it easier.


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                    Which do you use?

                    I have an USB2.0/Firewall Iomega Super DVD Drive, well actually it is my girlfriends, but I use it all the time. I have a thumb drive, and I have my dell axim.