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    Ok new to the forum so easy on the flames! I got very lucky and had someone give me a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta. It doesn't run (it did until about 3 days ago), but I can use the money I was saving to fix it. So I wanted to spruce the car up some by putting something in it and remember hearing about projects for putting a computer in the car. Now for my question!

    If I buy the case from (C134 Mini-ITX Case Black) would I be able to put it where the cd player is and power it through that? Also would I be able to run it through the speakers in the vehicle from where the cd player use to be?

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    I'm not sure if you can fit it in the CD spot - I know someone has done it ebfore but It's a pretty tough mod. If you want to hook it up directly to you car speakers (no headunit/radio), You'll need an amp - which will not fit w/ a carputer in your radio slot.

    One of the most common installs I heard about and is pretty easy is underneath the seat.

    Are you considering installing a screen? If so, what size? The screen might fit where your old radio was - if it was a double DIN, or the "big radio" (one where two standard CD players could fit in the slot, if you know what I mean).


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      Ok running it under the seat shouldn't be a problem. But what are we talking about when trying to run power to the unit itself? Yup I was looking into a screen. I don't know if the car has a cd or tape so dunno about the actual size at the moment. I was thinking of just mounting the holder onto the dash and then I could remove the screen (incase of cold, but also so no one steals the thing)


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        The best solution for that type of system is probably the opus (avail. at the mp3car store). It is a dc power regulator/supply/controller. Check it out, and also search forums to see the other options. You'd hafta run a power line to the battery. The power for the head unit (stereo) is not going to work.
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          How much car knowledge would I really need? Because I won't lie to you I don't know anything when it comes to cars. I was thinking of putting it in the glovebox. So what I am looking at needing to know is:

          How complicated would it be to power the thing? What would I need to do?

          How would I get it to play through the car speakers if I left the head unit in?

          Thanks for all your help guys!


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            Originally posted by Mr_Luko

            How would I get it to play through the car speakers if I left the head unit in?
            If your HU has an input (panasonic, kenwood and others) then your sorted, you just need the specual cable, but if its a cheaper one with no aux in then you may be screwed, unless its a cassete tape unit then you only hope is one of those plug in cassette thingies, but they do take the hi out of hi-fi so dont expect great results.


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              Have you read the Newbie FAQ's that are stickied at the top of the Newbie forum? They may raise more questions than answers but some of the things you are asking are sure to be touched on in there.
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