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PURE newbie - need advice and feedback

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  • PURE newbie - need advice and feedback

    Hi everyone,

    i am so glad to have found this forum as i myself have been toying with the idea of installing a PC into my car. I'm sure all of you are more experienced than me, therefore please give me any feed back or suggestions you have on my 1st design.

    Running off my old P4 1.8GHz, i'm going to do the following:

    -place mobo along with sound and video card below my driver's seat.
    -purhcase an inverter and place it in the boot
    -wire cigarette lighter to the inverter
    -wire inverter to the mobo's PSU underneath my seat
    -4xUSB ports will be fixed in an empty space above cigarette lighter

    LCD - built in speakers
    -LCD monitor sits on a custom stand which base is permanently fixed
    -stand will be allow me to move the LCD around, like your table lamps
    -DVI cable, audio cable and power cable runs inside the stand frame
    -stand sits in front of the gear, therefore little wiring is needed from mobo

    -USB mouse and keyboard
    -thinking of also using a USB gamepad

    the problems i'm facing:
    1. if i use my old PSU to power my mobo,wat do i use to power the LCD?
    2. will the car's 12V battery be enough to power my setup?
    3. placing the mobo underneath my seat with no casing, is it bad?
    4. what is the minimum inverter spec do i need for this setup?
    5. without any extra cooling,will my mobo or inverter overheat?

    i really hope you guys can help me as not many people in Malaysia have done this before, that's why it's a new project for everyone here.

    please offer me some advice. Thanks alot guys!
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    1. If it is one of the 7 or 8" models like lilliput and xenarc, it can be powered off a 5v line from the PC PSU. Or it can also be plugged into the inverter with its supplied adapter.
    2. Yes. Plenty.
    3. I would think it unsafe, make a custom enclosure, with ventilation it should be ok.
    4. Check the power rating on the comp, but a 400W inverter would be plenty.
    5. Cant say for sure, depends on a lot, but my inverter has never overheated. If your climate is hot, there may be issues with the mobo.
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      good luck and welcome!
      Remember, there are pages and pages of pre-existing answers for you to discover. Be sure to search and learn as best as you can on your own, it will help you develop new and better questions. Check for threads on the advantages of the OPUS and other power supplies, becuase they offer a lot. Shutdown and startup control are very important to most users, and an inverter makes this difficult, if not impossible.
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      Im thinking laptop...


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        -purhcase an inverter and place it in the boot
        If it is unreachable, a power switch will have to be installed where you can reach it, or it will drain the battery if left on.
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        Im thinking laptop...


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          1. What my nizzle Shizzle said.
          2. Yup
          3. Computers are ultra sesitive to static electricity so mounting a motherboard on carpet would be ummmm, bad. Plus the fact anything valued shouldnt be placed under the seat unless you have a strong custom case built for it. Not even your amps.
          4. Generally twice the size of your powersupply. Others will say different but make sure that you leave some overhead power for the inverter. I have a 200 watt power supply and a 400 Coleman inverter that survives crank everytime.
          5. I would worry about your motherboard more than your inverter. It finally broke 80 here in Georgia and I noticed that it was really warm in the trunk from the fans exhausting the hot air from the computer and inverter. Wonder what will happen in the summer?

          Heres a little advice, dont wire your inverter to anthing connected to the cigarette lighter. Go straight from the battery with a thick gauge wire. I dont know if you plan on adding amps later but if so, go with nothing smaller than a 4 gauge power wire.

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