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Desktop mobos vs mini itx mobos

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  • Desktop mobos vs mini itx mobos

    Are mini itx mobos really that slower than desktop mobos? I know mini itxs processor speed is around 1ghz and most desktop mobos are double even 2.5 times more that that but would you really notice the speed difference?

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    Just a quick question about your plans: In another thread you feel the need for a 580W Power Supply with an inverter because you think your computer is going to need to drain that much power for the graphics card and whatever else you will be running on it. Now you sound like you think a mini itx with a 1GHz pcu will work for your needs.
    Which is it? Are you going for uber-powerful computer, or something small and compact that doesn't use much power?
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      im debating wether to go all out or keep it simple. Im just wondering if theres a huge speed difference between them because if its barely noticeable then ill go with the mini itx and the opus 150w. In the end id probably cheep out and go for the lower end system


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        oh another thing what video cards can the Epia Via M1000 Mini ITX Motherboard run(high end wise)?


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          OMG READ THE STICKIES!!!! YOU CAN POWER A MINI ITX OFF AN M1-ATX RATED AT 90W!!!!! People even run mATX Pentium 3 PCs with a 3.5" HDD off 90W M1-ATX PSUs.

          Go do some reading and searching.

          A P3 800mhz computer is about the same speed as a 1-1.2ghz Epia system. That is not hard to find out if you look.

          You really haven't done any rersearch have you? If you had you would know why using a destop PSU and an inverter is bad. go look at the specs of the Opus and see what makes it standout. then go and read the stickies about powering your PC.


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            Originally posted by zoomzoommazda6
            oh another thing what video cards can the Epia Via M1000 Mini ITX Motherboard run(high end wise)?
            LOOK AT THE SPECS:

            They have onboard VIA AGP graphics and no AGP port - only a PCI port (single). So if you need to upgrade then you only have the choice of PCI cards.


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              I have a miniITX(EPIA M1000) machine running Bluetooth, GPS and Music playback. So far it's been running great with fast startup times and software load times.

              I'm using the onboard video and on-board sound and so far there have been no major issues.

              I would highly recommend using a miniITX motherboard over a regular motherboard because it uses WAAAY less power and you can fit the case in many places where a full pc simply would not go.