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Powering an LCD monitor

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  • Powering an LCD monitor

    I will be assembling a mini ITX computer to install in my sailboat. It's main purposes will be navigation and picture editing. For navigation I intend to use an eight inch Lilliput with touchscreen while underway but would like to use a conventional LCD monitor while at anchor. I would like to avoid using a 12v to 110v inverter since they are tend to waste a lot of precious battery power. Is there a way to power an LCD monitor from my battery bank without the aformentioned inverter? Also, I plan on using a Casetronic C134 case since they are aluminum. Are there any other suggestions for cases?

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    What kind of LCD are you trying to power? Most LCDs are 12v. You hook them up to the yellow and black wires of your PSU.
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      depending on the the size (and the rest of your computer system) an LCD may draw too much power for many DC-DC PSUs. You could of course get another PSU just for the monitor, or better yet a good 12V regulator since the LCD isn't going to need the other voltages a ATX PSU provides. This is assuming the panel in question takes 12V of course.


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        Casetronic makes solid cases. A 7" screen needs a little less than 1 Amp, so no question about having a separate PSU only for the screen...
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          at most you can guild a very simple regualator if power is tight. YOu just need about 1200mA to be safe but 1A should do it. Normal draw is 10W MAX on a 7" LCD.