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Clarifying my LCD question

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  • Clarifying my LCD question

    I apparently was not too clear on a previous thread regarding powering an LCD. On my sailboat, in addition to a small touch screen monitor, I would also like to run a full sized 15 inch monitor. I take a lot of pictures while I'm cruising and the large screen would be primarily for photo editing and also for occasionaly watching DVD's. Since the monitor came with a converter that changes houshold current to 12v @ 3.4a, it seems to me that there should be a way to power it directly from a regulated source of 12v. I'm just not sure how to do it. Can the original plug in be spliced to a regulator or are there cables available? Would I have to open the monitor case to attach 12v wires? I realize that this is not strictly car related but this site is the closest I have found to my marine application. I am currently still in the planning stages and need to learn as much as I can before I start buying .

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    If the transfomer converts 120v->12v then you most certainly should be able to run it off a regulated 12v source. Just make sure that source can supply 3.4a, or round up to 4a.

    Is it a barrel type plug? Plug it in the wall and use a DMM to tes tthe voltage of the plug. If It's 12v, then you can simply snip the transformer off of the varrel plug, and splice it into a 12v source.


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      That sound good. My hope was that the barrel plug could be either spliced into or a replacement purchased at Radio Shack. I would use a CNX-P1260 to supply 12v @5a to power it.