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just bought carputer from board member...have a few Q's

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  • just bought carputer from board member...have a few Q's

    i have a few general question about what i bought that would span a few different forum sections, so i hope its all okay in here since im still a noob.

    First, what i bought:
    Now my Q's:

    1. It is a morex 3677 case that came with what i believe is the morex 60w car power board. it is obviiously not wired for power since it came with the opus 90w unit hardwired to the carputer instead. So, can i remove the morex board and replace it with the opus board so its not mounted to the ouside of the case like it is now?

    2. in the first pic, the power SW "plug" was not connected to anything. should it be, and if so, on which 2 pins. they are not maked accordingly on the MB. There is also a "plug" with a green wire and a white wire was not plugged in on the MB as well. the other end was plugged in on the Opus 90w power board to the "PWR-SW" pins. again, where would it go on the MB?

    EDIT: In regards to the green/white wiring question, i just found the Opus wiriing diagram for the 120w unit replacing the 90w one. i assume its still the same. anyone know for sure?

    3. the last picture is of a 2.5mm plug that is wired into the main power harness to 2 black, 1 yellow, 1 red wires, that i don't know what it would goto power. it doesn't fit the Xenarc screen, so... any ideas?

    4. lastly (for now), i did not get a power cord for the xenarc screen. is there a way to power it off the carputer like with the CNX-P1260 PSU thats under the xenarc accerssories section? or do i need something different for the xenac/opus power combo?

    thanks a lot!
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    I can only answer #2. It seems to have been disconnected for transport. You need to find the pin-out diagram in the motherboard's manufacturer's manual. If you can't find that, just start connecting pins at one end and make your way to the other end. It won't hurt anything.


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      thank you. i found the manual for my MB... sort of... i have what seems to be a combination of the M series and the PD series. but the front panel connections seem to be the same.


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        bump for noob, he even took pics.. help him out


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          1) The Opus is a full DC-DC PSU with built-in SDC. So you can remove the Morex and replace it with the Opus. Whether the Opus fit in there or not I don't know cuz I don't have any of those.
          2) On the Opus there should be a pair of wire/connector to connect to the mobo PWR_SW. This connector is for the Opus SDC to turn on and shutdown your computer automatically. connector orentation = I don't know. If it doesn't work (PC doesn't turn on or shutdown) with 1 way, switch/flip to the other.
          3/4) Obviously you should check to see if that plug fit the LCD power connector. If it does, you should use the OPus 12V rail to power it instead. Just make sure you get the + and - right.
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