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Best Motherboard (Mini ITX or Micro ATX) & other Hardware

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  • Best Motherboard (Mini ITX or Micro ATX) & other Hardware

    I am trying to figure out which hardware will work best for my carpc setup. I pretty much got the screen figured out. Having problems choosing the best motherboard (Mini ITX or Micro ATX) , video cards.

    Also are there any threads that talk about everything that will be needed to set up a working carpc? Thanks!

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    Mini ITX -- if proc. speed is not important, as well as upgrade options.

    Micro ATX -- if size of case and placement of case is not important - upgrade heaven

    ** Also look into SFF (small form factor computer barebones -- i.e. Shuttle XPC)

    There is also the General forum section

    Beleive me, do alot of research and planning before buying parts. A real headache saver.
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      I'm rather new to this idea myself, but I can give you an idea on the computer side of things.

      If all you're looking for is a GPS system and MP3 system with no plan for DVDs or anything then the sound card is not really a concern.

      No need to go all out on a 5.1 sound card when MP3's are only 2 channel audio. Video card isn't all that important in any respect... anything sold new today should be able to handle streets and trips (or another road map software of your choosing) and DVD playback.

      I would weigh faster ram support and something that supports a decent processor as more important but only for boot time... and there are ways to get around needing to boot up all the time.

      In the end, power consumption and ease of expansion is top priority.


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        I think this is all a matter of how much money you want to spend. Mini -ATX is going to cost more but is smaller. If money isn't an issue then I'd get the Mini. In your CarPC speed isn't going to matter (nor upgradability) with the Mini or Micro.
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