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I have an Idea Tell me what u think Im a NOOB

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  • I have an Idea Tell me what u think Im a NOOB

    Well I have the computer its a Pentium 3 600mhz, 128mb Ram, 8gb Hdd, onboard sound/video. What I was planing is to put the computer in the car and mount a 8' LCD screen somewhere into the dash or something, havent qutie figured that part out yet. The screen I plan on using is something like this one

    I was planning then to use (This is a little hard to explain) a hand held mouse (Not a normal kind) to use so I can open up winamp play my music and also play movies stored on the hard drive.

    I plan on powering the monitor through the cigarrette lighter and power the computer an inverter. Then using one of the other ideas I seen on this forum to give the whole lot sound.

    Also if you have better ideas and want to change some things I am concerned on money as I dont have much of it.

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    I'd research the monitor more and make sure it's good. Look for brightness and resolution and compare to the lilliput and zenarcs prevalent on these forums. It says there is vga input, which is good cause it would look like crap and require a video card with tv out otherwise. That is one thing you don't want to get on the cheap, cause when it sucks you then hafta spend more to get something worth looking at.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      thas a tacky monitor just spend ur money on a nice lilliput or xernac and yup the search button is ur friend


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        PM sent to you Storm, hope the insight helps

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