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My stuff arrived today!!

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  • My stuff arrived today!!

    I'm still at work though I just checked the tracking, and it looks like everything from three different suppliers arrived today!!!

    I get off work in 3hrs 15 min. +20min car ride, and I'm ganna be I can't wait, had to share with someone.
    M10000 512Mb
    lilliput 8"

  • #2's better than Christmas huh? Have fun man!


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      hell yeah, christmas always sucks.
      M10000 512Mb
      lilliput 8"


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        Ok, well, I guess I'll start with my questions.

        MP3's, movies, ultra-coolness...
        *gps and live OBDII monitoring

        -Opus 120
        -slot load cd/dvd
        -Lilliput 8"
        -250Gig WD (I'm hoping this plays well with bumpy roads)
        -FM Transmitter
        -WiFi PCI
        -2001 BMW 330i sedan (no nav, no CD changer, HK sound)

        *considering getting soon:
        -Copilot8 gps bundle (will have to mount the antenna on the front dash if it doesn't work through the hood).
        -OBDII interface (some guy in the UK is selling the cable and software for $425 shipped, but that seems rediculous)

        I read most of that long thread of gork's. I'm looking to put mine in the engine compartment though (will look into temps and probably duct air). There is a space behind the right wheel well that looks like it might be big enough. If not, I'll go to the trunk, but really want to keep it up front. I plan on mounting the cd/dvd drive to the top of the glove compartment and keeping the screen in there too (I park on the streets of manhattan) and pull it out and mount it with velcro over the sunglass/ashtray. I'm hoping the sound will work with the transmitter so the radio can stay stock and I can pull the whole thing out if need be without leaving huge holes. If not I'll see if there's an aux input on the stock head unit.


        -can someone save me the trouble of finding the wires I'll need to hook into on an E46? Hopefully I can get power right from the engine compartment that is triggered by the ignition, but I'll need a hole for the cables to the glove box anyway, so getting power from the console and running it back into the engine compartment might also work.

        -Ok, well only one for now, but I'll have more soon, you can count on it.

        Edit: Not gettin any love here, will make another thread.
        M10000 512Mb
        lilliput 8"


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          Hey this isnt an answer but, the other day i was at a local auto parts store and i saw they sell this OBDII adapter cable with software for only $100. Its only good for 90hrs, meaning the software is like a trial version but im pretty positive that can be changed cause they also sell one for 300hrs. I gotta get into the software and see what i can find. Also check this site:

          cause they have 1 for just under $400 also. The have some other cool stuff too......
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