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A few Q's from yet another noobie:)

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  • A few Q's from yet another noobie:)

    Hi everyone! After several weeks of reading almost every post here I have a few questions that I woul like to bounce off of everyone.

    The vehicle.....02 Sequoia

    The q's....

    Can I use a regular atx motherboard with a dc-dc converter and maybe a home made case? Will this pose any problems? I think one with built in video may be best since the heightwill be I right?

    The primary use will be NAV some MP3's and maybe some dvd playback.

    Also, please give me some recommendations for a wireless mouse/keyboard.

    Thanks in advance....

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    Main problem with std atx and dc/dc is that std atx boards draw a good chunk more power than most dc/dcs can handle. Thats why a lot use the via epias, for their low power demands. Search for power calculator, theres a few differnt types and work out what you will be drawing vs the dc/dc you are looking at


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      Alont with the epias, are you going to be limited to the kind of precessor you can use....for instance a 3.4 ghz is out of the question?


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        So my main problem will be the power supply? What is the highest wattage unit available?

        The reason for all of the questions is that I have a couple of computers kicking around here and was hoping to use the motherboard and ram out of one of them.....

        Thanks for all of the replies so far and keep them coming...


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          opus do a 150w and you can get a honemade'ish one from Mastero that does 250w


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            no one answered me....what kind of processor are you limited to?


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              the larger the processor the more power required so I would suggest going with what you need for your car and not overkilling it. the software you want to use should list requirements


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                Originally posted by Downside
                no one answered me....what kind of processor are you limited to?
                Originally posted by Mad Ad
                Search for power calculator


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                  If you need a lot of processing power, but don't want to use alot of Power draw, use a Pentium M processor and board. if you don't already know what this is.

                  Good luck!


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                    Keypower does 250W

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