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  • Bad idea?

    I suppose there is not enough ventilation in this floor compartment?
    The second picture doesn't show it very well but there is about 2" of clearance under the third row seat and I could cut the floor compartment so it's ventilated to that area. But would that be enough ventilation? or should I look for some fans to vent it?

    The second choice is the side compartment on the right.....Oh an I live in Houston so in a month or so it'll be 100 degrees for about 2 months.
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    you need a good amount of inward and outward ventallation even if you have multiple cooling fans...But get a could air-vent from a local marine supply store that look nice and ventalate very well..and put some cooling fans near them.


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      that is, if your enclosing it...(good idea for dust and other reasons)


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        You can pull it off. That's a great space for putting all the components.

        Cut some slots in it for both air in and air out. Use a temperature monitoring utility to see what the temps go up to.

        I'd think putting it deep in the interior would be better from a heat standpoint. The car may bake and it will still get hot in there but I wouldn't think it would be hotter than some other part of the car.
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          I think I will try it there first. I have the M1-ATX so it should shut down if it gets to hot? Thanks for all the suggestions.
          Car-mada-puter Epia MII12000, 40gig HD, 512mb ram, Morex 3688 case, M1-atx and XP Pro.


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            I like the first area.... you could even hack away that case, removing the top of it for ventilation reasons, assuming it doesnt stop the compartment from closing, you can pretty much get whatever you need backthere

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