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  • Project BMW E46

    My fascination for a carputer started when I saw the Tuner Tricks Mini Mac Install. However the 300c demo car by west coast customs really inspired me to start a project. I drive a 1997 Volvo S70 but since I am in the process of buying a new car in a couple of months I decided to work on my wifeís BMW E46 and buy her a new car instead in a couple of months.
    Why I decided to opt for the E46? I have been looking at touch screens and bezels and so far the best one Iíve seen so far is the one fabricated by (SRCSTC) great job man. The E46 has one of the best optimal positions for a touch screen.
    I kinda set my mind on the hardware and I just need some help and advice on the software. If you have any hardware advice as well then I am all ears. Hardware I am planning in two stages

    Stage one

    MP3Car Custom Car Computer (OPUS)
    Xenarc 700TSV Touch Screen
    Wifi and Bluetooth
    Pocket PC PDA
    Alpine 12" Subs removed from my Volvo Install + Amplifier
    Alpine PXA-H700 Multimedia Managerô,Digital Signal Processor/Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic/Dolby Pro-Logic ll/DTS Decoder
    Rudeo Control for Media Player

    Stage two

    Change all the factory speakers and add an Alpine Amp

    My mind has been set on the hardware but I still can't make up my mind on the software.

    Xenarc has the iMobile
    There's the Frodo player
    and Media car

    I would really appreciate it if you can advise me on the most appropriate Software.

    The things I want to do with car puter other than listening to MP3s is
    Internet Browsing
    Connecting the carputer to the OBDC and to retain the controls on the steering wheel
    Scheduling appointments and Active sync (this I can do using Outlook)
    Checking my emails (using outlook)
    Another thing I want to do is well is sync my car puter to my home network and hot spots in the city.

    I hope you guys can help me out as this is my first major ICE install and I want to perfect it.

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    Allow me to be the first to say good luck.

    I think Frodoplayer is the best solution at the moment. It does everything you need, and more +2 times 3. All you need is a skin that you think is freakin sweet, and your set. Plus troubleshooting is pretty easy since the writer of the software exist right here in the forums.
    And some people have been using it so much that they are experts in it also.

    Thats my contribution to your first post. Also keep in mind, if you want to get good replies, pictures are always good, it just gets all of us excited and in the mood : )

    I just started my E46 installation after reading this forum for bout 4 months so I can help with what i know, or help research some things because im sure we will have the issues.
    Go on and do it, do it, Do it 'til you're satisfied,
    Whatever it is, do it, Do it 'til you're satisfied.

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      Met my friend who is the authorized Alpine distributor for my country and almost finalized the ICE components for my car

      Front Speakers
      6-1/2" Component 2-Way Speaker Set

      Back Speakers
      6-1/2" Component 2-Way Speaker Set

      4/3/2 Channel Power Amplifier

      2 X 12" Apline VR 500 Watts Subwoofers from my install in the my Volvo S70
      1 X Alpine V12 4 Way Amp from Volvo Install

      Multimedia Managerô,Digital Signal Processor/Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro-Logic/Dolby Pro-Logic ll/DTS Decoder

      Alpine RUX-C701 Mobile Media Manager Smart Box

      BMW (Alpine make) CD Changer converted to fit Alpine Multimedia Manager

      Monster Capasitor
      Monster Power Cable
      Fibre Optic Cables.

      Once i confirm (by Monday hopefully) I should have the components within two weeks.

      Car puter will be finalzied by Wednesday


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        PC model confussion

        It seems like there might be a slight delay with the project. I still can't choose a PC. Since I am going to have two subs in my boot I'll be avoiding installing the PC in the boot. Plus it gets really hot in my country (50oC in the summer) so I prefere having the PC in tha passanger area.

        I took the mesurments of the Mini-ITX Vehicle PC Case ( and made costructed a dummy out of carboard. It didn't fit in the glove box or under the seats. 14.32" x 9.28" x 3.2".
        The xenarc PCs are much smaller but more expensive.
        Any susggestions on good reliable small form PC?


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          ICE Installation.

          Just started installing all the speakers today, the car is parked at the Alpline dealership as we speak for the speaker installation.

          Fitted the 6-1/2" Component 2-Way Speaker Set for the front and the back shelf is being prepared to take the 6-1/2" Component 2-Way Speaker Set for the rear. We had to remove the whole back shelf to house the new holder for the speakers.

          If you look at the pictures you can see my VR 500 SUB and a T 757 2 Way amp and a V12 MRV-F345 4 channel Amp. Some one walked into the Alpine shop in desperate need for an AMP. We sold him my 755 Amp for $220 and i bought a brand new MRD-M605 V12 Mono Amp to power the subs. The MDF inclousre is ready and has been sent for covering. Subs should be in by Saturday. The digital processor should arrive in a weeks time. The Slimpro 625 carputer should arrive in another 2 weeks along with the xenarc 700TSV
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            Promising stuff!
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              We done with fitting the speakers in the doors and the rear shelf. Its not easy fitting 6 1/2 inches in a e46. The digital processor should arrive in a couple of days and the car puter as well. The subs and amps will be fitted sometime this week.
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                Xenarc arrived

                Just recieved my xenarc 700TSV monitor today, tested it and it worked. Car PC should arrive next week.


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                  Remaining Alpine Parts Arrived

                  Finally the PXH-H701 digital processor and the RUX-C701 controller arrived (pictures) attached. We started working on the MDF Box to house the 2 AMPS, 4 Crossovers and the PXA-H701 (picture attatched).
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                    That looks really sweet! What are you going to cover it with?
                    Renault Megane...the OEM look

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                      Thanks Covering it with the same material (grey in colour) that bmw uses to cover the boot. Its being covered, should have it by tomorrow.


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                        Keep up the good work!
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                            Alpine Installation still going on

                            Started the installation of the alpine amps, crossovers, digitial processor and controller. The controller will be fitted in the ashtray compartment, lots of fabrication is needed and the 12v cig lighter would have to be relocated. Pics coming soon
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                              Alpine Installation Continues.. Parts are still arriving.

                              The Alpine components are still being installed. We Fitted the capacitor today and the fuse box. The capacitor is fitted on the right hand side of the boot, while the fuse box is right on top of the battery cover. The fuse box is drilled on top and the we drilled holes for the cables, looks neat. All the speaker cables are tucked in. The box we desgined is a bit to tight for the cableing but we are trying to re route some cables. The Crossovers are mounted on MDF Blocks and are two close to the amps so the RCA won't fit. Tomorrow we'll adjust the MDF blocks, hopefully by the end of the day the boot install would be finished.

                              Car Puter

                              The Sumicom SP625 PC arrived today, finally, placed an order on the 22nd of May and paid by credit card. Apparently international orders can only be processed via wire transfers. So finally after 4 weeks its here.

                              Just recieved the CarNetix P1290 DC-DC regulator and the Creative Audigy2 NX sound card.

                              Still thinking which front end to use!!!

                              I haven't bought an FM adaptor (dlink most probably).

                              Dunno if I should run centrafuse or road runner or frodoplayer. It took me 2 weeks to decide on a PC, i hope it doesn't take me 2 weeks to decide on a front end.
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