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  • Quick question for the Gurus

    I have been doing some reading, and I think that I have gone a bit overboard on the carpc that I am building . I decided to go with a micro-ATX board, Celeron D processor 2.4g, DVD (no cd-rw in this one), HD, and I have plans on running a Nav system as well. Will this use up too much power for this kind of adapter and should I just keep this for a home computer?
    I've read a lot for this forum, and just wanted to make sure of my assumptions...


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    Remote "Pulse Start" from wireless device or car alarm/remote start system ??!?

    Why doesnt my opus do that?

    I think your find on power, but im no guru so ill shut up
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      The Carnetix is a front-end power supply. You still need something that can take the regulated Carnetix output and provide the ATX compliant power rails you need to power your motherboard. The P1900 Carnetix is optimally suited to the new 19V input Casetronic supplies (P4-120W or C4-120W).

      If you need lots of 12V power, this looks like a good solution.
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        Thank you for that reply... I guess this is the route i'm taking...