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  • Power up carpc in home

    just bought a carpc with m1 power supply. I haven't connect it to the car yet since I have to install windows first. my question, how to power it up inside the house?

    I'm thinking taking power from molex connector (yellow 12v, black ground) of my desktop pc. where do i connect the ignition (white) wire? read the manual and it says to connect it to +ve terminal (yellow 12v??)


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    Go buy a regulated/switching DC power supply... It plugs in the wall, and converts 110AC to 13.8VCD and will have a positive and negative post to attach the PSU wires. Attach both positive and ignition to the positive terminal on the supply, negative to negative. The ignition wire just needs to sense 12V to know when to power up or down.

    I use this on my bench for testing... Something along those lines, although you don't need one quite that big (25amps). I tested my last one off of a 10amp supply and it had no problems.

    I'd avoid running it off of another computer's power supply at all costs...

    If a power supply is out of the question for you, you can also use a plain jane ol' car battery...



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      I use a regulated power supply I got at Radio Shack. You can also do it from one of those "power pack" jumpstarters you can get at the auto parts store. It'll be good for an hour or maybe two if you're PC doesn't draw too much.
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