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Hardware based players (Not PC based)

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  • Hardware based players (Not PC based)

    I am looking to build/purchase a hardware based MP3 player with a 2/4 line LCD screen. I want to make a few and install them in normal people's cars so a PC based solution is out of the question. The Estone Players seems nice but is limited and is expensive.

    I have seen build you own designs like at but this seems a bit complex. I reckon there are 2 kinds of solutions:
    - IPOD kind of device with an external LCD screen
    - buying a low-end flash based MP3 player and interfacing this with a hard drive and larger 2/4 LCD screen.

    Anyone had other suggestions?

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    Alpine and Pioneer


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      Why? i wanna know why before i do any googlin!
      (All done)
      iPad Mini 128GB, RF 600.5 amp, JL12W0V2, 8 Infinity Components


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        Why do you want us to do everything for you? Do you not know how to google? If i knew what you wanted, I wouldn't tell you just because you are being lazy and using me just to be lazy. It's not that hard bud!