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Remote wire for amp

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  • Remote wire for amp

    My xenarc is hooked up to the 12v line that would be used to power the floppy (you know that cable with the one yellow, 2 blacks and one red), would this line be able to be used as the remote for the amps?

    So when my computer turns on, the amps turn on?
    And since the comp is in boot with the amps it will be easy to wire.

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    Any 12V switched power source will work for your amp, but why you wan't to use the power supply to supply power to the amp? Is your car setup that only your carpsc sources music - in other words, you do not have a head unit? If you do, why would you wan't your sound system to go down when you are either working on your carpc or take your PSU out of the car or Whatever? I would suggest you be more conventionally, leave the PSU power for all things computer and run your remote turn on to either the remote wire of your head unit, or the fuse box.
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    Originally posted by ryuandwings
    Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
    I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
    Please help.


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      Dont have a headunit, well have a stock one but thats out to make way for the lcd.
      Dont think im going to get a HU, dont need one.


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        Sorry, delete this post, its a double post and in wrong forum aswell.