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    Thanks to some scorching heat this week, my rearview mirror fell off and since then, I've been enjoying my unobstructed view through my windshield. Now I was thinking of keeping it off and replacing it with a camera. I don't know if it is legal or not but I'll worry about that later.
    There is apparently no concensus on a good rearview camera here, but it should be of the wideangle infrared variety and my question is, if I use a 4:3 monitor for viewing the picture will I see black bars on the top and bottom or will it fit the 4:3 and have a fisheye appearance?
    The screen would be about 2-3 inches and most likely a hacked portable TV with an input.

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    i know some of the widangle cameras arent widescreen but just a compacted square of video.
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      Well big trucks dont have em now do they? you just need two side mirrors.


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        Wide-angle does not mean wide-screen. Wide-angle is the viewing angle, how much of the rear it will show you. You want a wide-angle because it will be able to show you a wider area of view.

        Most often these cameras are NOT wide-screen. They will be 4:3.


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          Some kind of anamorphic lens and a software decoder might make it ok...

          Wherein you have an anamorphic attachment to the camera, it takes in a weird squashed looking 4:3 video, and then you take the video signal and export it to a 16:9 monitor that can unsquash anamorphic.

          Did you know that DVDs contain ONLY 4:3 video, EVEN the widescreen versions. The DVD standard calls for MPG2 files that are 16:9 to be squashed into the 4:3 frame size of the DVD standard and the standard contains an "unsquasher" that it uses when, in the authoring program, the video is tagged as 16:9....
          (All done)
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            I was hoping it wasn't a widescreen video, but with everyone using their monitors, I didn't read anyone mentioning how it didn't fill up their entire screeen. It works out better being 4:3 for me anyway since I don't know of anything with a 2 inch widescreen except maybe for a couple of cell phones. Some of portable TVs now come with a video in jack which will make it that much less complicated.