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Audio problems, Epia Sound, and FAQ stuff

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  • Audio problems, Epia Sound, and FAQ stuff

    Alright, I don't feel like searching to see if any of this has been said before, nor do I care if it has. Some of this stuff should go in the audio FAQ, so move if you'd like.

    Most of this info is for people with the Via Epia boards. Mine is an MII12000

    SYMPTOM: Audio static when playing music
    There are usually 2 problems that cause this: a) Bad ground. b) Motherboard audio. I'll deal with the second one as the first is covered to death in the FAQs.
    I have only one thing to say about motherboard audio solutions: They're ****. All of them. I don't care what kind of motherboard you have, who made the chip, anything. It's all crap. And I'm not even much of an audiophile. If I turn up the volume and **** gets staticy, I don't like it. I've had a Shuttle with mobo audio & computer speakers. Crap. Epia with the Vinyl audio motherboard thing. Crap. Getting a sound card makes a world of difference. I don't even know if it matter what kind of sound card you get, it's 99% more likely to be amazing compared to whatever is coming off your motherboard.

    SOLUTION: Pick up any $30 sound card and your ****ty audio problems are gone. Next.

    SYMPTOM: How to get audio from PC to computer
    Okay, this is in the FAQ for the most part, with about a hundred other useless ******* posts. Here's some handy info: As far as I can tell most of the time those stereo to RCA jacks WILL NOT FIT INTO A SOUND CARD NEXT TO EACH OTHER. They'll fit into mobo audio jacks usually, but I know for a fact that they won't fit next to each other on a SB Live! 24bit ($30) or a SB Audigy 2 ZS. The stero jack holes are simply too close together.

    SOLUTION: There are a couple options here. You can do what I did and 'slim down' one of the 1/8" to RCA jacks using a razor blade, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. I cut the **** out of my finger doing this. A better option is to get a USB sound card or a Cardbus sound card. I know the SB Audigy 2 has a cardbus version, and it has a special jack that splits out to the different ports so there's no crowding problem. I couldn't afford the $70 and I had a bunch of the RCA jacks already.

    PROBLEM: The VIA Epia Audio drivers are complete **** now OR
    All my audio channels aren't working and I have an MII12000/MII10000/etc.

    First things first, VIA does NOT provide you with audio drivers that will let you do 5.1 WITH YOUR MOTHERBOARD. I had to read up on it, and discovered there was supposed to be a 'vinyl audio' shortcut on my desktop, which there wasn't. Maybe they include them on the driver cds now but not on mine.
    SO you have to download them. Here is where via's drivers are:
    For the MII12000 at least you have the Via Six-Trac(VT1616)

    In trying to solve my audio problems I downloaded drivers, installed drivers, redownloaded drivers, installed different drivers, etc. etc. etc. If you are silly and still want to keep running off Mobo audio, that's is what you need. I think they're up to version 6.00a now. LISTEN CAREFULLY. YOU ONLY WANT THE ACTUAL AUDIO DRIVER FROM THIS, DO NOT INSTALL THE SOFTWARE. Previous versions of the Vinyl Audio software was usable. They have since 'updated' the look and feel of it and in the process butt-****ed usability. I wish I had a screenshot but there's no way I'm reinstalling it again. Someone please post a shot of that atrocity. Anyway, what you want to do is get the Adeck directory from an older version of the software. It still works fine. You can go into old drivers at the bottom of the page or Click Here to get it. Just copy the ADeck directory to wherever you want and put Adeck.exe in the Startup folder in your start menu. 570d was the last version with the decent Adeck I think. You can link front right/left, rear right/left volumes as one (removed removed in new version), you can SEE the buttons ("feature" removed in new version) and it doesn't have asinine useless speakers at the top of the window. WHoever design that should have a cinder block dropped on their dick.

    Misc Info on Sound Blaster Software and Drivers
    Sound Blaster is the devil, but they're good at sound. The ******* drivers are a pain in the *** though. a) God forbid you buy one without the driver disc, because they only have 'upgrades' online. **** them. b) Take FOREVER to install c) Has standard invasive AOL icons d) Installs about 8000 different apps that could just be 1 ******* app. **** them again. Anyway, if you're having problems trying to figure out how to get the music you're trying to listen to to play out of all the speakers on a 5.1 setup, you have to go into the EAX control and set it. It's called something odd that i'll post the name of later.

    Road Runner isn't working right with EPIA sound
    I had this problem, and no matter what I had the volume set to control in RR it would reset to a 'default' volume for every song, wouldn't show the correct volume, etc. Basically I don't know, I gave up. Now that I'm not using VIA sound it seems to be working great though. [edit] Nevermind that. Still busted. [/edit]


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    this is actually a very good FAQ despise all the immature cussin, good job!


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      Yeah, I usually only write angry. =) I could go back and edit it out I suppose, at least someone found it useful.