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    Hello, I have an idea for supplying power to my car computer I am building but I wanted to run it by the experts first so I don't break something.

    I now realise that my ITPS is pretty much worthless so I started to look for an alternative source of power, I just noticed that there is a "Power point" in the back of my car (VW Golf). I checked the manual and it is rated for up to 120 watts. I know it says 12v but I wondered if it was regulated, is it really 12v? If so, would there be a problem if I just hooked it up to my PW 200-M? I only need 80 or so watts.

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    if its a cig lighter plug then go ahead tap into it its 12volts :-D thats how i did my friends magnum install tap into the 12 volt for the screen and the pc runs perfectly hes using a opus90


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      I have the same power point in my VW Beetle. I run my Epia setup on it with a Carnetix 1260 and a PW-120. Works fine. I ran it that way for a couple months, then eventually ran a dedicated thicker set of wires to it just to be sure.

      BTW, if you already have a power supply, take a look at the Carnetix adaptors. I changed from ITPS to Carnetix and it works great.

      And subtract 1 point from your newbie status for recognizing that ITPS is a piece of junk!
      Originally posted by ghettocruzer
      I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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        best thing to do would be to get a multimeter or voltmeter and test the voltage of the power socket while the motor is running.
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          Originally posted by binary.h4x
          best thing to do would be to get a multimeter or voltmeter and test the voltage of the power socket while the motor is running.

          good answer :-D


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            Thanks for the help, now onto the next question.

            Does anyone happen to know what the max power draw of an EPIA MII 12000 is? (like when it is playing DVDs). I am calculating out the power draw of my system right now (I am amazed at the generous ammounts of power the mini box power simulator allocates) so far the 2 HDDs and the FDD only takes 11.04 watts on the 12v rail and 7.35 watts on the 5v rail.

            Edit: *notice the calculated wattages are running, not spin up

            Edit(again): Found DVD drive power requirements, 800 mA (4 watts)

            still need power requirements for the motherboard (EPIA MII 12000)


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              Bump, does anyone know the max power draw on the various rails for the MII 1200?