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Electrical Buzzing Noise

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  • Electrical Buzzing Noise

    Ok well when I use my inverter I get a buzzing noise no matter where I ground it (battery, bolts, even bolts w/ other grounds). So I read the FAQ on this. So what I need is one of THESE right?

    So I just plug this ground loop isolator inbetween my comp and the HU's AUX and I am good right? Oh and the buzz usually remains steady, doesnt really change with RPMs as far as I can tell.

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    That's what you need. The ground loop doesn't always vary in pitch with RPMs. Sometimes it's steady.
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      Ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure I didnt waste money on the wrong thing.

      Ya on one point where I grounded I heard a slight pulsing buzzing and from looking on good I found that was from the alternator.