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  • Audio Problems..

    Hmm, I don't think I've ever had these problems in my system before but here is the problem:

    I have a 2003 Nissan Altima (w/o bose), and I'm using the onboard sound card, and it plays only the music through the front two speakers, and bass in the back two. I'm really confused, and I've went through ALL of the settings and can't figure it out.

    This might have all been caused by installing FrodoSateliteRadioX, but I'm not sure. I pretty much have nothing else installed on the computer. Any help is appreciated!!

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    what are you using to get the soudn through the headunit?? are you using a headunit??

    check your patch cables sometimes they screw up and cause the biggest problems


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      If you're using the on board sound card, (unless it's a digital output) it's only outputting in stereo. You may have the head unit set to use the rear speakers as high voltage sub inputs. Check the settings on your HU first and formost.

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        Which mobo are you using. The EPIAs have a virtual surround sound setting that you must switch on in order to split the audio into 5.1. Once this is switched on you get front/rear/centre/sub.

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          Hmm, I have an HP E-PC, so I'm not sure what type of motherboard it is. I am not using a headunit. I'm directly outputting the sound from my computer via two RCA cables which go to the amp. Hellpp, its really annoying now that everyone else notices it.


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            Ahh, help, should I reformat?


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              There has to be SOMEONE that knows what to do!!


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                What kind of amp? By chance does it have an internal crossover which settings might have been changed? Or maybe has just gone south?
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