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  • Heat insulation

    I wasn't too sure where to post this so seeing as I'm a newbie...

    I have just finished making an artifical floor for my boot (trunk) made of plywood. It gives me about 10cm of space under my boot carpet to put my carputer (laptop), amp, etc.

    One of the issues I am worried about is that the amp and laptop get hot when they have been in use for a while and I am not too keen to mount it directly onto the wood. I have about 10cm of room under the 'floor' to play with.

    Any suggestions on what sort of insulation should I use between the components and the wood?

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    Nothing but air, preferably with a fan blowing air through the space. The cooler you can keep the laptop and amp, the longer they'll live.


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      Of course, it takes several hundred degrees to get wood to burn, but BassBinDevil is right, you want space underneath it. Is there a way you can mount it using standoffs so air can circulate underneath?
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        Not a bad idea on the stand offs but the whole lots will be in an enclosed space so there won't be much air circulating apart from that generated from the laptop power supply fan. Would an extra fan from a PC power supply help?


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          I'm not an expert or anything. But I'd say to make a plywood enclosure, and have the amp/laptop mounted a little off the ground. Having about 2 inches all around. You could drill a few air holes in the enclosure, and some in the carpet to provide some ventilation.
          Then Use one of these to really circulate the air around.

          Just an idea.
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            As previously suggested, try mounting the laptop at least slightly elevated (with standoffs). Get as much air circulating in the enclosure as possible. One or two fans strategically placed should help - one blowing in and one exhaust. Do not use insulation for the box and false floor enclosure. If you insulate the insides of the box - you might also end up trapping the warm air inside (plus the carpet already absorbs some ambient heat and gets transferred to the box material). Don't get me wrong - you still would not want any sheetmetal (floorpan, etc) bootlid, and windows (for a hatchback) radiating heat in.
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              Yea, like was meantioned...the only problem that i see is with heat. You want a way to cool it from an outside source as well because after an hour you're only going to be blowing around hot air if it's a closed system. I don't really like the idea of drilling the holes in the floor of the trunk either though, because that means dirt and possible water....being as it's on the bottom of the trunk....


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                what is stopping you from mounting a fan on the top of your encloser to circulate air.

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