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  • Megane CC Ideas - Help needed

    Hello i m here coz i ve seen this Megane II CarPC at yours and i ve told myself thats what i need...
    So my idea is :
    - Buy a new "frontboard" (like the one he mounted of)
    - Mount inside :
    ---- LVDS-KIT8.4+TS from ICP
    ---- EPIA-M10000
    ---- M1-ATX
    ---- Slot-in SLIM DVD
    ---- DDR PC2100/266 512MB
    ---- Samsung 2.5" 60GB MP0603H 9.5mm 8MB 5400
    - get the steering wheel control and display working again
    - small hidden 6chanel AMP and sound system changement

    The changing of the soundsystem comes now soon... if anyone has propositions i would like to hear it... but please keep in mind that its a cabrio, so the sound comes never so good out like in a closen car, and it needs not to be ulimo power system for me then... just nice sound (budget is also limited like for every one i think...)

    My first question now is if anyone has already had experience with this screen type and any docs or hints for me. I must know if i get it molded into the place of the 2 DIn slots like did here in the forum (Megane II CarPC)
    The second thing is if i get the possibiliy to build the carpc inside behind the screen, in a "selfmade" box of size of the 2 DIN slots ? Is there enough place for this? and if yes is there place seen from the front to mount the screen inside and just under it the dvd slot-in
    And one real important part for me "get the steering wheel control and display working again"... if anyone has reached it please.... (i ve seen a few are busy with this in the megane II)

    Sorry for that bad explanations.... ... but i m still a full sized nOOb

    Ze_rho out of belgium

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    170 NITS? No way man!
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      Originally posted by MaleBuffy
      170 NITS? No way man!
      Whats NITS ?


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          Lvds Kits

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