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    I'm new to the game as well and I'll have pics of my ride that I'm trying to hook up soon. I think one former(or current newbie) mentioned that they were very knowledgable in computers but not in cars. So I know I'll be hittin u guys up like crazy. But my truck is a 2000 mercury mountaineer, just bought it off of a close friend.

    I just wanted to know if there was any one who had documented what they've done to any SUV's like ford explorers, moutaineers etc. I just want to get a feel of what I want to do to it, and where to start. I'd rather read what other people have done first, get a feel of how I can make what I want to do happen. And then ask questions.

    pz out

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    Check out the show off your ride forum and maybe even the forums for particular vehicles (SUVs) you want to see. There is also a worklog forum for works in progress.
    Also, there is the FAQ section that has invaluable resources.
    I'd recommend looking for answers there before posting any new questions, or you might get flamed for repeating things like the old "Can I connect my carputer to my vehicles ECU?" and the like.
    Welcome and good luck~!
    Carputer status: [-*---------]
    Im thinking laptop...


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      and then some more. but dont add too much PC to your SUV, it will flip right over.
      Is this where the witty comment goes?
      97 Black pearl Mazda Miata MX-5 Carpc V2? maybee..