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  • Looking for parts in Canada

    Hey all I am trying to track down all the parts I need for a Car computer system but I want to buy them in Canada. Does anyone know where I can Buy them??

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    Almost everybody here buy the parts online (even people in S. america and UK buy in places that are in the US) so I guess you have to deal with shipping like everybody else.

    There is a tigerdirect in canada you can start from there.....
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      Hello Fellow Canadian!

      I've completed purchasing all of my CarPC and audio parts, and I was able to get most of the without having to go international. Here's a list of stuff and where I got them:

      -Computer parts (Biostar M7VIZ motherboard, Athlon XP 2500+ mobile, ED 160 GB hard drive and 512 MB RAM) all bought at local shops in Ottawa.

      -M-Audio Revolution 5.1 sound card bought from in BC

      -IDE to USB2 adapter from also

      -Pioneer 16X slot-load DVD - bough used locally (those are getting hard to find)

      -Innovatek IN-007VT 7" touchscreen (bought used locally, but also available from located in Montreal)

      -M1-ATX power supply was ordered from MP3CAR store (was the only international purchase, and the shipping by UPS express next day covered the brokerage fees, so I only had to pay GST - thanks for the great service guys!)

      -USB FM radio mouse (bough on eBay from a seller in Stittsville, Ontario) in Calgary.has many different styles of GPS software

      -USB Wi-Fi adapter was purchased locally

      -Fiberglassing supplies, bondo and paint at you local Canadian Tire

      -I still need a USB hub and a VGA extension cable, but any computer store will have that.

      And that's about it!

      BTW, if you're looking for a VIA EPIA board, I have an EPIA ME6000 for sale, never installed.

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        Thanks for the info on the parts

        How is the quality on that innovatech monitor?


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          Where are you guys in Canada? I see one of at least is in Ottawa. Anybody else?


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            I'm in Ottawa aswell. I am new to the forums and still researching exactly what I want my carputer to do for me.


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              I am from Laval (just beside Montreal) !

              I've bought most of the stuff on eBay from the U.S. except for me too a used innovatek 7" touchscreen vga that I bought localy.
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