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I cant get sound out of RR

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  • I cant get sound out of RR

    HOw do i get winamp to play my music on RR.....thnx..I've searched on the front end forums but could not find an answer....

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    ermmm press play ....

    Make sure the path is setup in rrconfig to both winamp and oyur music folder


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      tnx but winamp appears is this normal...i check to hide winamp but it still comes


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        No that is that normal if Winamp is in front of RR and you checked hide. Also, make sure you have your music path correctly in the RRConfig file.
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          Does any music appear to be playing (postition bar move or timers counting up/down)?


          (BTW, you'd probably get better help with this over in the RoadRunner forum.)
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            -Make sure you have a NON-Lite winamp version
            -Make sure you don't have "always on top" set in winamp
            -Make sure you're using a CLASSIC skin
            -Make sure your winamp path is set correctly
            -Make sure your music path is set correctly
            -Load files in winamp (using the audio browser in RR)

            Read the Install FAQ on RR's subforum.
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              - check the page with the mixer in RR (the crossed hammer n spanner symbol) and make sure the levels are up