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Packin a Mac in the front of an Ac(ura)

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  • Packin a Mac in the front of an Ac(ura)

    Sorry for the big pun reference.

    I've searched all over this an other forums and can't find a single person who has installed a Mac Mini in an Acura MDX.

    I'm considering doing this instead of an aftermarket, probably pioneer, solution. I don't have navigation, so I want to keep my information screen and factory head unit.

    Tell me how this sounds:
    Xenarc 7" tsv
    Mac Mini 40GBHD 1GBRam
    Ipod Dock
    USB TV Tuner
    USB Cell Phone Charger (don't have BT yet )
    DC-DC 150w
    USB Mouse Touchpad

    I haven't decided on front end application... but I think I might be able to code something in .NET.

    Any help would be awesome.

    BugByte?????? what's the word on your din case? are you able to connect and disconnect without pulling the cords out? |

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    2004 Acura MDX with Mac Mini installed...

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    Dont apologize. Thats a PHAT reference!

    Of course you wont find someone who has installed the relatively BRAND new mac mini, into your obscure vehicle...carputers are highly personal.

    TV tuner (worthless, why do you want that while driving...? then again, you might!)
    touchpad (not needed with a touchscreen)

    Dont look at your project so much as a Mac into an Acura MDX, think of it as a Mac in a car and youll be much better off at first.

    When you are done with the hardware part of the installation then you can make it more personal by adding things specific to your setup.

    There are no completed front ends, make one if you like but I think offering help to some of the already begun ones, might be better.
    (All done)
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      I will take the idea of help others develop front ends under advisement. I'm a windows programmer and don't know much java... so that's why I suggested writing my own.

      I've been looking for an install like I want to get some ideas before I start buying everything. I want to have my plan down before I buy anything or definitely would love it if I could build it all and just insert the components.

      Right now I'm getting component dimesions and building cardboard mockups for placement and design ideas. So far I have only 2 options for pc placement, glove box and center console(attached to the underside of armrest). I'm not sure about monitor. What I ever I do will not look stock, but also not gaudy and loud, so I don't want to encourage peaking into the X. I'm working on a unit that fit in the storage area under the dash, with a slide out monitor.

      Anybody have a quick connect/disconnect solution for monitors? I was thinking of using an old parallel printer port connector. |

      Coming soon....
      2004 Acura MDX with Mac Mini installed...


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        My mom has a 2001 MDX, and she opted out of the navi, so there is a trip computer with diagnostics and other stuff (exactly 7" screen). Every time I get in her car, it bugs me that there isn't an lcd in it's place. I guess I'll have to fix that
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          I sort of like the trip screen. If I could duplicate that info without tapping into the factory harness and voiding the warranty I would.

          Let me know if you start replacing that LCD.

          Also... has anyone ever done a CB radio inclusion with their carputer?

          I like to use the cb, works better at finding speed traps than radar detectors... and its legal in all 50 states.

          Coming soon....
          2004 Acura MDX with Mac Mini installed...


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            the only info the trip computer has is:

            gas milage
            gas range
            ac location (where it blows, and speed of fan. which we don't use because we have the climate control)
            trip odometer

            you hardly need it, because all of the info is on the dash, but I'm sure you could use OBDII to replicate most of the diagnostics that used to be on the trip computer.
            2002 Acura RSX CarPC Worklog
            Current CarPC Expenses