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Newb fitting carputer to Mondeo

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  • Newb fitting carputer to Mondeo

    Based in the UK and completely new to the carputer scene (though I've built my fair share of normal PCs).
    My biggest concern is that I wouldn't be able to fit a 1 din touchscreen in the gap between my gearstick and the facia.

    Here's a couple of pics to illustrate:

    (wow, that looks dusty!)
    Um, it looks further than it is. The gap is maybe about 3 or 4 inches or so.

    Also, there's no way I can fit anything under the driver's seat. What are people's experiences of alternative carputer placement? I'd be worried about cables not reaching, getting interference etc...


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    You have loads of room

    Hi deviruchi,

    Welcome to

    Having had a look at your pictures, i would suggest moving the stereo down into the bottom 1 din slot and then mounting the 1 din vga screen in the top slot.. you would then have plenty of room and clearance to use the touch screen interface.

    I had a very similar problem with my xedos 9, but all is now well.. I hope this helps.




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      Ford Mondeo is made for Carputing

      This is how it looked at first.

      And this is how it turned out:

      If your interested in installing a Lilliput 7" in a For Mondeo '95, have a look at this url: (Norwegian)
      Want the article in english? Give me a hint and I'll trancelate it.
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