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Speakers!!! Featherweight looking for knockout SQ

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  • Speakers!!! Featherweight looking for knockout SQ

    I bought 2 pair of Infinity Kappa's.
    1 pair 62.7i on order for front. 52.7i installed in rear. Largest I could go without modifying.
    The 52.7i's were installed and sounded terrible. Great highs and deep lows/drums, but;

    This was/is the start of my upgrade and I knew the HU was 1 of the problems.

    Alpine CDA-9847 installed. Awesome HU!!! Total control over music unlike toy EQ's Pioneer offers. The front factory speakers actually sounded decent, however the Kappa's were still crap. Even the Tech was surpised with how bad they were. He was very familiar with the Alpine HU, and tried everything to improve the sound, BBE settings, frequency settings, bass/trebel adjustments; nothing worked. I gave them a few weeks to break in hoping the mids would come out but still nothing so I returned them.

    Alpine MRP-F240 4-channel: Fits under seat with no problem and is a great match for my HU.
    Infinity BassLink: Great reviews and leaves needed space in back.
    Like I said Featherweight but great SQ.

    Soooo Has anyone else experienced the Kappa's are too bright and don't include enough midbass?
    Would Polk db's be a better choice?
    For now plan to try the 62.7i's up front, should be here next week. $128 installed + 30 day guarantee.

    Polk EX357 5x7 rear. Easy mod for rear and for only $29(Crutchfield) a good temp till I find better.
    With 60 to 70% of volume/power up front, I'm hoping these will have good backfill and include the midbass that Kappa's seem to lack.

    Most people rave about the Kappa's so there must be a way to make them sound good.
    However, in this forum I've read several threads that lead me to believe Kappa's offer orgasmic highs along with high maintenance
    WhiteRabbit: "Infinities have no midbass". He's right
    Someone else wrote they eliminated the crossover and wired the tweeters, woofers, and speaker wires together in an attempt for good SQ.

    Would like to make the Kappa's work.
    Awesome Forum Thanks

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    The infinties tweets are very sharp- I run mine off the -3db port on the crossover as well as having an active signal processor between the door combo and the amp, only real way to deal with it is go fully active and assign them each their own amp channel.


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      There are reference There are Kappas and there are Kappa Perfects. The Kappas are OK mid range components. If you want the good stuff you have to go with the perfects. Oh yes if you want EQ then you can not do better than the Pioneer 9600 and 8600 units.


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        The solution to your midbass problem may simply be mounting. Where are they mounted? In the doors? Are the mounting areas solid? is there any way to seal the door more? Is kick panel mounting feasible? More midbass is definately possible with a kick panel mount, since you can seal them up. Doors are next to impossible to seal. Midbass will increase the more you provide damping to it's cone with the "spring loading" effect of a sealed enclosure.

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