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Which head unit should I buy?

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  • Which head unit should I buy?

    Here is my setup:
    car-pc with RCA outputs
    Four speakers (front and rear) all MB Quart 6 1/2" with tweeters and crossovers
    1 Phoenix Gold 12" 4 ohm dual subwoofer in enclosure
    Soundstream 700w mono amplifier

    Here is what I want to be included in my deck/head unit:
    Sub control in deck
    Sub out (rca)
    Auxiliary Input (rca) which will support my car-pc
    Decent looking removable faceplate
    At least 50w x 4 power to front/rear speakers
    I like the sound of Pioneer, so that brand if possible

    If anyone knows what deck I should be buying let me know. I am lost. Thanks for all your help

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    I think I may have decided on a Pioneer DEH-P6600... What do you think about that unit? Or should I try to stick with Alpine or Clarion like I've seen people say on the forums?


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      Head units are for cheaters.


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        Originally posted by kirbycope
        Head units are for cheaters.
        Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*


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          Thanks, you both were a lot of help. I dont know what I would have done without your input


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            Originally posted by seanbrown
            Thanks, you both were a lot of help. I dont know what I would have done without your input
            wouldent have saved a couple o' hundred $$ on a piece of unnessesary equipment.
            Is this where the witty comment goes?
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              You will never go wrong with a quality pioneer head unit. Plus to those nay sayers out there. He will at least still be able to play his tunes, should any one component that a PC needs to operate should fail. And there is alot to fail on a PC.


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                Everyone says they keep the HU for "backup" purposes and the like..

                but when yer CD player broke in the past, you had no tunes while you fixed/bought a new one....

                so if/when your comp breaks, OH NO, same problem. But not listening to music and getting in car internet for a day or two is never worth the $400 minimum for a decent head unit...and again that $400 could buy a large portion of a carputer setup...
                (All done)
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                  I'm a big pioneer fan too. I'm the ultimate cheater, I've got an AVIC-D1.....


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                    decisions decisions decisions

                    Heh... It's all matter of opinion.
                    I was strongly suggested to go with just an AMP. It was a good idea, and I never turned it down, but I was able to afford a cheap $75 Blaupunkt unit which I moved into my Glove Box... My PC had countless "down" times... and if it wasn't for that HU, I would've drove myself crazy lookin' at a blank monitor up front...
                    Maybe I'll go with just an amp someday... but that's after I'm 110% statisfied with the PC and how it's running... then again... has anyone ever been 110% satisfied???
                    Pioneer decks are the shiznit... as long as it has AUX inpuit and some other good features, go for it man...
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                      Thanks for all your advice... I wish the deck had mp3 support, but I guess that is what my computer will be for.


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                        H/U = more buttons

                        Must have more buttons...
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                          Depends how much you want to spend

                          However decent brands like Pioneer, Blaupunkt, Nakamichi, Alpine, Clarion, Becker will all deliver the goods, it's just a case of finding one at a price you like with the features you want

                          Personally I'd go with a Pioneer or a Nak


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