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Shuttle XPC using as Carputer

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  • Shuttle XPC using as Carputer


    I am very intrested in using my spare Shuttle XPC as my carputer...

    The Specs are as follows;

    AMD Athlon XP 1.2ghz
    256mb DDR400 Geil RAM
    80gb Hdd
    DVD +/- RW
    54g Wireless

    what exactly would i need to wire this in to my car?
    i will be getting a 7" Touch screen for it, but what do i use to power it?
    can i get a convertor and run it straight from my battery? with a startup / shutdown controller?
    or should i get an invertor?

    also i have a clifford concept 650 alarm in my car, could i program one of the aux buttons on my alarm to power on and off the computer? (for using the wireless lan function to copy stuff to and from my home/car)

    hope i dont sound too stupid, ive had a look around but couldnt find much on shuttle computers...



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    start here
    RexBruMet Skin for FrodoPlayer

    Nissan Aux-in MOD

    Originally posted by bgoodman
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      matt toner can you do any other alarm work off the aux botton, very interested learning how to do it! thaNKS