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MPXPLAY sound problems!! have searched.

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  • MPXPLAY sound problems!! have searched.

    This is my first post and have read the threads and various websites over the past few weeks. I got given a: p133 with ESS ES1869 sound card, 1 x 1gighd, 1 x 4gig hd, 32meg ram, MOBO- aopen AP5K.
    I wish to build a dedicated mp3 and cd player from the pc, using infrared remote and a character lcd.
    Origionaly i had win95 but wanted to use the usb ports and FAT32 as aposed to three drives of 2 gig. So installed win98 lite in micro form and basicaly removed everthing in the add removes settings box of windows. Boot up speed has doubled but i can live with that.
    My problems currently exist with MPXPLAY, i cannot get it to work on my pc, i have tried from booting into dos and through the dos box in win98 itself, but i keep geting the same problem.
    I open mpxplay, instert a CD, use the mouse to click the rom drive then select play, this is where it goes down hill. The sound i get through my headphones is terrible at first i thought it was being played at superhigh speeds, but the track seems to go for the correct length if not a tad longer and the tone is not any higher. It sounds like incedably static music at high speed, and seems to stop start in a repetative nature, the cpu usage as stated by the readout located on the right of the mpxplay gui says only about 30%-50% and the program seems to run smoothly apart from slow mouse speeds. I am running current drivers, for my sound card, and have tried winamp and the standard media player in windows and everthing worked fin through them.
    There is very little written about this programe and the included doc.s were of not much use.
    One thing i have noticed is that when i run mpxplay directly from dos and then exit from it via the esc key, i find this warning "Warning: Couldnt initalize port control (UIR on COM1)" I thought this just ment there was no infrared receiver found on com1 but am not sure.
    Does anyone know what the problem is with mpxplay and why it will not run on my pc????
    Have i deleted something through98lite that i should have kept?? Is there a any good documentation for mpxplay and 98lite, i have serched the net and posts but came up empty.
    A pervious problem i incountered was mpxplay using over 100% cpu, as stated by the dual cpu meter located on the right? and the fact that the display was jerky as was my mouse, this mysteriuolsy stoped after a few attempst and reboots and mpxplay ran ok, this was when the pc was in win95 or 98guise, and it was not consistent. I have tried reverting back to the original settings and os to try and track what caused my current problem but i could not get it to run properly in any form.
    thanks for youre time.

    EDIT- i am simply downloading and trying to run mpxplay, is there any settings or configs i must change, as i did not find any articles on this programe. also in another thread someone stated that mpxplay comes with software in it to reconise ESS sound cards and thus i do not need to install drivers, is this correct, if so how do uninstall the drivers to try without.