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aux input question for BMW

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  • aux input question for BMW

    Im taking this carputer thing quite slowly, step by step. Just want to clarify a few things before i start tearing my car apart to have a look around... I have a bmw stock head unit with motorised screen, behind the screen is a cd player, but i also have a six stacker cd changer in the boot (thats trunk for you yanks ).

    1) Do i still need to purchase an auxiliary input adapter or should there already be a factory one present which connects the cd stacker to the front end.

    2) If there is one already present, is it just a case of unplugging the cd stacker and somehow "plugging" in the laptop instead (in the boot). I realise that this will only alloy me to "hear" an mp3 being played from the laptop without being able to control anything etc.

    3) My laptop only has a microphone (in) and headphone (out) jack. I suppose the cable i need goes into the headphone jack??

    My aim is to use my current laptop just to "test the waters" to play an mp3 via my factory car speakers, before i buy/build a dedicated pc.

    I know these are basic questions, I have spent hours reading and browsing, and although i am learning, it does takes some time, esp, as i have no previous knowledge of audio/electronics/computers etc.

    Thanks for any help and advice offered

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    There should be a cable that plug from the back of the head unit to the cd changer. If this is the case than you need to buy a cable that connects to your head unit in the cd-changer port and lets you use the port as an aux-in.


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      expect low volume from your sound, using the headphone jack, may have to get a line booster or whatever.
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        hey man im goin through the same thing....found a great solution though. GEt a Blitzsafe Aux adaptor for car. It plugs into the cords from your headunit to your cd changer..and has to rca jacks. just plug the rcas in and plug the other end to your laptop..then click on cd..and hit the switch button to change from cd player to your aux or (laptop) and it plays
        ..get either the blitzsafe adaptor..or the USA Spec AUX interface from crutchfield like i did....$49.99 if you use your visa card..has 2 rca outs aswell


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          Hi! Great to hear from you! I was looking at ordering that aux adapter, except crutchfield dont ship outside the US and Im in Australia..

          BMW Australia have a part that was released aroud march this year and sells for AUS $149. They also call it an Aux adapter but im worried it will only work for the ipod for which it was designed...?

          If anyone has any suggestions on how i can get my filthy paws on the USA spec interface i would love to hear it..

          ps. Jir1984, do you mind if i email you if i have any questions, seeing as though you have this thing up and running?



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            yea sure let me know if you have any is true that it may not be asloud because its coming from a headphone jack..a sound card may sound better but you can always get a booster i believe