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Newbie Getting Started in Car PC's

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  • Newbie Getting Started in Car PC's

    I am new to the whole car PC thing. I remeber about 4-5years ago looking at this site, when I was the start of MP3's in a car. Now its grown bigger and better, much more advanced that I had thought. I recently started looking up in car PC's when I saw WCC on Pimp my ride install and I drive PC set-up? (ya ya I know Pimp my ride LOL)

    I have been searching this site to try to find out what is the best basic set-up. So far I have an idea of whats needed, but still have alot of questions. I also have 2 old PC's and 1 Laptop but I don't know if any parts are usable?

    Mother Boards? which is a good one & where to buy?
    CPU: included with a mother boards? whats good get?
    Hard drive: can I use an old desktop HD or will it have to be laptop?
    Memory: again best place to buy?
    case: do I need a prefab or can I make one?
    Monitor: I am in the market for a 10.2 or 10.4 touch screen?

    What are usual cost on build a in car pc?

    What I would like to do with my carputer would be GPS navi, Radio, CD, DVD, MP3, Video, cameras, wiFi, wireless internet if possible, Valentine 1 pc interface & a printer for work related stuff I may need to print.

    Currently I have a 04 Cadillac Escalade, with a stock stereo set-up but with a JL Audio 1000/1 sub amp and 3 Jl Audio 12w6v2s How dose the Car PC intergrate with a car audio set-up? and factory bose system?

    Thanks everyone, I have to learn allot soon
    04 Escalade

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    I found the basics in the FAQ section, abd the PC stuff
    04 Escalade


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      I see your learning fast

      Welcome aboard dude.
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