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  • critique my planned setup

    Ok real n00b here so bear with me if I sound like a moron on some things that i'm not sure about. I want this setup to replace my headunit completely, just wanted to make sure that is possible first of all. Ok here is my planned setup -Sempron 2300+ with random micro-atx mobo combo(I might upgrade to a xp-mobile when I get some more money.) -512MB pc3200 value ram -HTPC case with 240w psu. Will this psu be enough for the rest of my system

    WD 80GB 3.5 hard drive that I already have lying around -Slimline external cd/dvd drive. USB 2.0 -liliput 8" screen. This screen is good right? -400w coleman power inverter attached directly to the battery(any links on how to do this btw) -CarPC EZ Power Controller v2.4. Do you think I need the pro version of this or not? -Do you think I would need this and a SLA Battery or not?

    ~EDIT~ whoops almost forgot about my gps system -serial sirfstar III gps unit -Iguidance 2.1.1 software

    And maybe later some sirius radio stuff, i'm just waiting until they can get it running and integrated into roadrunner. Someone is sending Guino some stuff to see if he can get it working. Also until then what do you guys recommend for a fm tuner.

    A little more info about my truck. GMC '94 Sierra 2WD regular cab. Oh and i'm planning on using roadrunner front end software. I know almost all there is to know about computers, but when it comes to car audio i'm as smart as a log. So are there any guides to hooking all of this up to your car speakers and everything. Thanks. So how does it look guys any suggestions?

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    If you are replacing your headunit you should plan on replacing your stock speakers with aftermarket ones and using an amp to power them. From what I understand, the system will sound like crap if you don't do this because in a stock system your headunit has a built in amp so when you remove that the sound input from the computer will not be powerful enough to go through the speakers.
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      is it really nessesary to get aftermarket speakers, i mean i plan to eventually but when I have more money. Would it be good if I just bought an amp for now. Which amp do you recommend for a person a a budget.


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        If you getting a carputer for sound, aftermarket speakers is a must. RCA cables are much eaiser to deal with, and your sound is 10x better. If your going to do it, do it right the first time. Dont get it done cheaply and wish you'd spent that extra $.

        Get aftermarket speakers, you wont regret it, and you need them for descent sound out of a computer. You can get speakers somewhat cheap if you shop around.
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          its not that I don't want to do it right, its that I don't have the money to get everything. My budget is about 1200 so all that stuff added up is $844.66. Not including the tank circuit and battery if I need it, the satellite radio equipment, the possible fm tuner, or the iguidance software...err that i'm getting from a friend *cough*. So with the money left what speakers and/or amp do you recommend? Also if anyone could answer some of my initial questions from my first post i'd appreciate it. Thanks in advace


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            would this be a good amp?


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              Arrggghh....I just lost my whole post.

              I'm going to hold off the smilies until the end. I haven't even started my project but have learned a lot from searching...I really do recommend it. That being said....

              How to hook up car stereo system to carputer:

              Will the PSU be powerful enough?

              Which screen is good? People will argue that they have issues with the lilliput...others have no problem. If you're looking to save money, the 7" usually fit well into a double-din slot.

              While we're on the topic of saving money, you can cut out the inverter, power regulator and premade case and go with a dc-dc power supply (the m1-atx and opus have the shutdown controllers built in) and build your own case out of MDF, plexi, lexan, aluminum whatever.

              As far as the tank circuit, you probably don't need it, but check here to see:

              As far as a good tuner is concerned. Most people will say they all suck. Some have given good responses to the Hauppauge WinTV series. Something to think about is the USB vs. PCI decision. PCI means one less USB cable you have to run, but it may use up the slot you wanted to dedicate to some other peripheral like an Audigy sound card etc. Most tuners require that you feed the audio via a line out to the line in of the sound card. This is no big deal unless you're using your sound card to put out 5.1 stereo (and not using the digital out SPDIF like they have on the EPIA boards) and using all three jacks (line out, mic, line in) for the six channels. In this instance, using the USB to send the audio digitally via the USB line helps but task the processor to deal with the signal.

              Many are still eagerly awaiting....

              You may wanna just go ahead and get that XM or Sirius radio now though.

              Good luck and happy searching!


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                Do you think the opus 150w will be enough to power my setup and my lcd?


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                  Originally posted by Ryan711
                  Do you think the opus 150w will be enough to power my setup and my lcd?
                  Found a great site for chip power draws:

                  AMD Sempron 2300+: 62w
                  Motherboard: 12.35w
                  ?Onboard Video: 7w
                  ?Onboad Audio: 5w
                  3.5" 7200 RPM HD: Average 10w, on spin up can be close to 30w
                  512 MB PC3200 RAM: 8w maybe?
                  External USB slimline DVD: Most USB ports support .5A at 5V = 2.5w
                  USB GPS: 2.5w
                  Keyboard: .25w
                  Mouse: .15w

                  That's a total of 130w so far if everything was running at the same time.

                  This site gives you 180w:

                  This site gives you 102w:

                  You'd probably be fine...I think the 180 was a big overestimation. You can save power switching to a laptop drive (-10w) and to a Via EPIA board (-30w).


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                    When working with car audio it's best do work in phases (if on a budget). Don't buy a bunch of cheap stuff that you'll have to end up replacing. First buy the amp, you will need this. Get a good one, do it right. When you have enough money, go ahead and add speakers it will make a huge difference. But, I wouldn't go out buy and amp AND speakers if your getting to settle for low quality. When using stock speakers and an aftermarker amp, you should notice some increase in sound quality. Once you add those speakers the full potencial of the amplifier will be heard.