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Carputer in 2002 Nissan Sentra questions

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  • Carputer in 2002 Nissan Sentra questions

    I am very new to the carputer stuff, but definately now new to the computer world, or electronics world. I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V and would definately like to create and install a computer in it for mp3 playback, dvd, maybe navigation and diagnostics. The dash is pretty cluttered, and I want to keep my existing cd player, or at least the location. What i do have is a pocket with a flip-open flap on top of the dash. I would ideally like to create an enclosure for a touchscreen there. What is the best way to make an enclosure? Does someone offer pre-fabricated enclosures that i can just screw into my cubby on the dash? Any help or suggestions would be great. My interior looks exactly like this picture, except with a 6spd instead of the automatic. Any hints, suggestions would be great.

    PS: I'm not afraid to get crazy with this installation...
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    I don't have any advice for you, but I'm interested to see what's posted here, as my dash is exactly the same (I have a 2004 Sentra...not SER or X or anything...just a Sentra :P )


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      Welcome to the forums.

      I also want to do something with a Sentra that I have not purchased yet. I am planning on getting something like an '03 SER or Spec-V. Not sure which yet.

      What I would look in to, is make some sort of motorized unit the goes in the cubby hole on top that makes the screen push up on the little dorr thing. I'll make a little diagram on paint to explain what I'm talking about.


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        Also if anyone knows of a site or discussion regarding how to do custom dash molding, and what types of materials to use, that would be very helpful.


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          No idea if it would work but....

          Since Nissan owns Infinity and the top of the dash looks like it might be able to hold something, check out the LCD kit for the Infinity G35:


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            I'm trying to come up with a way to make the LCD screen flip out manually, since I don't like messing with servos and motors and crap....historically I've had bad luck with them in other projects. Should be a fairly easy task, just as soon as I actually buy some parts...and do some measurements...and and and....damn, I've got a lot of work to do, don't I? :P


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              Hey Sentra drivers!

              One thing to keep in mind is the glare you might get up top in the bin so plan to recess it into the enclosure you design.
              Why do you want to keep the factory radio? I ask because you're not using the lower din slot which is made for the 6 disc so an after market din unit will slide right in there.

              Here's what I did

              Mine is quite different but tshirts and fiberglass are your only real options but it might be easier to find an enclosure that you can modify or mold off of. The gauge pods in mine were bought on Ebay and then hacked

              Another option for the sentra is to use a flip down monitor and ditch the sunglass holder and move roof button to where your mirror switch is.

              There are a couple other Sentras on this board too but iirc they were flip up with the original lid on them.

              Good luck, don't take as long as I did


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                The sun glass holder idea is awesome :-)


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                  thats awsome

                  I really like what you did with it, what did u use to build the whole thing? I d really like to rebuild it but instead of guages i was thinking of redirecting the two vents up there..with the middle being perhaps a tweeter or something.

                  I also was about to figure something out with the top space...but this method is WAYY better....even if it is a little bit of work, let me know please...and how big of a screen can u fit in there? 8"?