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Couple things I have questions about

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  • Couple things I have questions about

    Hello, this is my first post here and I want to use my laptop as a carputer.

    I have an Aiwa headunit that has AUX in (minijack or headphone style). Since it's not RCA style, I'm having some difficulty finding a cable that would go from my laptop headphone jack to the AUX in. I made a cable out of 2 ends of headphone wires with the jacks at each end. I combined the two and created essentially what I need. The problem is, the cable is very finicky and I really need a pre-made one. I've searched high and low for one but I can't seem to find anything. I've looked in the Aiwa manual and it never tells you about what cable to use other than whatever comes with the device that is hooked up.

    Another thing, I tested out the laptop to headunit with my cable and it worked, but the sound is awfully low. I had to crank it up to 80(Max) to hear it at moderate at best volume. I searched RadioShack and found a headphone volume booster.
    Is this the right thing to use to boost my volume? Normally on my headunit, mid 50's is quite loud and that's how high I normally listen at. Do you think the booster would help me get into that volume range? I understand it would probably mean the dial on the headunit would have to be around the max (80) but I'm just looking for the overall same volume as the normal radio.

    Thanks for your help guys. Your site is great and the FAQs were a big help. You guys do some amazing work in your cars.

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    its called a 1/8" line out to an 1/8" line in.

    You went to and didnt find:

    So I dont think you searched hard enough my friend.

    BUT obviously it IS a line level signal, as you had to boost the volume.

    You need to have an amplifier inbetween, your computer is putting out enough juice for headphones only.

    A volume booster = pointless
    (All done)
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      @BLT44: does your Aiwa has a level adjuster for the AUX in?
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        I did search, but thank you. I wasn't using the right terms in the searching then.

        Thanks for your help, I feel stupid now.

        //Edit, let me check the manual. I have a feeling it might.

        //Edit2, it appears it has a level adjuster for each mode. So yes, it does, I will have to try this out. Thanks for the idea!

        //Edit3, ok, I tried it out and raised the level adjuster as high as it can go and it gives me a decent boost, not as high as I would have liked, but it is definately an improvement. I'm going to go to RadioShack and get that cable.


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          ditch the headunit, connect the sound card to the amps.

          headunits are sooo last season
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            Originally posted by emdzey01
            headunits are sooo last season
            haha werd!
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