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Hello from a noob! Help would be great!!

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  • Hello from a noob! Help would be great!!

    Well im new to this world, and thought id say hello and what a great forum this seems to be!
    Ive never ventured into the world of carputers before, and thats the direction i now want to go in.
    I have built PC's for a few years now, but never in car.

    Any chance you could provide me with a few pointers to get me started?
    My car is an MK2 MR2 Turbo.

    * How do i provide the computer with power?
    * How do you wire an LCD screen to a motherboard - does the computer recognise it as a device?
    * What software do you use, is there one that can load from startup?
    * Can you use any motherboards and components, or do they have to be specialist ones?

    There are loads of other questions i want to ask, but that will do for now!

    Thanks again in advance


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    But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
    Originally posted by Viscouse
    I am learning buttloads just by searching on this forum. I've learned 2 big things so far: 1-it's been done before, and 2-if it hasn't, there is a way to do it.


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      Thanks mate!