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Wow....where do i start?!?!?!

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  • Wow....where do i start?!?!?!

    Hi all,

    I know im going to get flamed for this, but im really really REALLY stumped as to how i should start my project

    I've been reading this forum for a while now, but it just frustrates me as to where i should be looking lol

    I think the hardest choice ive got at the moment is what exactly do i want from a carputer?

    How did everyone else start their projects?

    At the moment, i've got a Pioneer AVH-P7550DVD as my source with Boston Acoustics speakers running off Audison's a pic of my install:

    Sound wise i am totally wrapped! The current setup has me coming first in the "Amateur Show" division in the Car Audio Australia Sound Quality Competition (CAASQ) here in Sydney.

    Ive always been an audiophile, but its only recently that i have been tinkering with the visual side of car entertainment.

    What i would love is to be able to setup a full on GUI that will allow me to access my songs, pics, screensavers, GPS etc....all from my headunit!

    Sadly, there arent many GPS solutions on the Aussie market from what i can tell.....that is one of the options i would absolutely LOVE to have on board

    So instead of "spoon feeding me".....please, let me know HOW you started and perhaps what motivated you to setup a carputer

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    What motivated me: Tired of cd's skipping, tired of changing cd's. Also, this site motivated me. I originally just wanted to play mp3s, but now I want it all.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      Likewise! I had a CD changer that died on me. Had an in-dash CD player that got stolen. Got so ****ed off with everything I decided to stash a PC in the car instead of fiddling with head-units.

      Biggest headache was figuring out how to get power to my PC. I finally got myself an inverter and everything else just fell into place.

      Hint: Don't rush the project.


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        My original concept was to have a computer in the truck so that I could drive up to a LAN party, plug into a switch and game from my truck.
        I've since scaled back my plans, so it's not a gaming rig. My needs have evolved, and I need GPS navigation.
        Other than that, I think it's something unique and different and a fun, geeky project.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I just started a system too. My primary motivation is an mp3 player. I got tired of carrying only a few CDs at a time (and changing them in the car), so I went with an iPod and an IceLink. That's still not quite good enough and after seeing some other forum member's setups at the Norcal meet. I decided to jump in.

          I also want navigation, but that'll be something I add later.
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            Thanks for the replies guys!

            Im in the same boat with the cd's

            And i agree with does sound like a fun geeky project


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              photoshop is always a fun place to start. do some rough art work and get an idea of what it would look like complete
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                1. I accepted the fact that I was a geek long ago, thus deciding not to be bothered by any criticism or odd looks from others when doing this project.

                2. Motivated by the challenge. Lots to figure out, lots of decisions to make. It's a full-on systems integration job. It's not something that everyone can do, so you're in a unique club if you do it.

                Visualize and plan. Visualize and plan. You're starting at the right point - what is it you want to do with your system? What's important to you will dictate the type of system you install.

                After a period of confusion (maybe I ought to build it so I can do almost anything well, practically guaranteeing it will do nothing well), I went with an incremental capabilities approach. First, get a stable system installed in the car. Then, add speech. Then, add GPS. Then, add wireless and so forth.

                That worked quite well for me and I was able to concentrate on what had to happen NEXT to move the project along.

                Carnetix has a nice decision tree on their site that might help you break it down into bite sized chunks. It's at their web site.
                Originally posted by ghettocruzer
                I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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                  My needs are a little different. I wanted to run GPS mapping software in my Jeep so I would know where I am when off roading. I'd go on runs out in the desert with a local Jeep club, and I knew the general area of where I was, but I wanted to know exactly where I was on the map and where we were going. I'm running OziExplorer, which is an awesome program because you can import maps in any format. I can use a satellite image, topo map, road map, detailed OHV park map, and any other type of map. I can even overlay vector data over the maps. Not to mention 3d capabilites. There are hundreds of terabytes of map data out there in the public domain, so they are free.

                  Of course I also wanted unlimited MP3s an movies. I also plan on putting rock cameras behind the front wheels so I can see where to place my tires when rock crawling.
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                    When I primary drive the Supra, I don't see the point of having a GPS in the car as I can get a printed direction from the web.
                    When I did car shopping, the Matrix come with a 2 grands GPS option. Hell no, I am not going to pay 2 grand for GPS and couple hundreds buck each time I want to upgrade the map.
                    So here it come, instead of giving 2 grands to Toyota + future maps upgrade, I go with carputer. GPS and OBD2 are my main reason. The geek and challenging task is the 2nd reason. Movie/music and all other stuff is the last reason I want to do cuz those can be done "add-on" aftermarket for dirt cheap.
                    Now I have it all for much less than 2 grands and it works the way I like it. 100 buck to upgrade map software instead of couple hundred buck.
                    And I can screeming out lound as the freaking most powerfull Matrix carputer ever
                    Now you ask why I installed on the Supra? Instead of cracking out a brand spanking new Matrix to do all the works as a first timer, I want to test it out if I really like CarPuter before working on the Matrix. Cuz when breaking apart, it is costlier to go back to factory.
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